One Year Anniversary of FNYTSF!

On this date last year, I decided to do something completely different from anything I had ever done before regarding writing. I had written for many sports websites, including starting my own, Metro-Sports, which became Metro-Hockey a few months later. As successful as the latter was, I just was not crazy about it. I loved writing about hockey, but I wanted to be able to write about my other loves in life, including history, movies, and music. When I got rid of Metro-Hockey, I took a lot of flak, and heard a lot of people say I was crazy, but I didn’t care—I just wanted to write about everything. And so here we are, a year later and I could not be happier.

The very briefly used logo for FNYTSF.

I was used to getting about a thousand reads a month everywhere else, and that is how this website started out. Averaging between 47 and 92 hits per day, for the first three months of the site, I was content because WordPress actually shows where incoming links are, how people found the website, and how many hits per day that do not include when I check it myself. Then, in June, the hits skyrocketed to around 200, and it held at that number until November. This made me very happy, because average monthly totals hovered between 5,000 and 8,000, which was much more than I ever got anywhere else. I also was not following my own volition of why I wanted this new site, because again, I was writing only about hockey. But that all changed on November 12, when I received a piece of information about the Gods and Generals Director’s Cut. From that point on, hits started pouring in from all over, and within a month, I was interviewing a cast-member, Brian Mallon, who played General Winfield Scott Hancock. Hits went up to more than 300 a day and that finally changed the mentality I had all along, which was that I needed to write about hockey to stay relevant.

The people who read this site for the hockey may be upset, because coverage has decreased, but to be honest, this last year has taught me a huge lesson, and that is hockey is just a game. I still consider myself a die-hard fan, but the sport does not run my life like it used to. There was a time when I would not leave the house if it was on fire if the Rangers were playing. I still try to never miss a game, but life has thrown many interesting topics in my way, and I have chosen to take the time to cover them instead. The results have paid dividends. Thanks to the many Civil War buffs and reenactors who check here on a daily basis, my average hit totals are closing in on 500. Last month, From New York to San Francisco set a record for monthly views with 12,829, and if viewership continues this month like it has, that total too will be surpassed. But the number that really catches my eye is the grand total of visits, which as of this minute, stands at 89,335. Within the next month, we will have reached 100,000 views, and that is something that if you told me last month that I would have received, I would have thought you were crazy.

To think, this insane idea to combine sports with movies, music, history, television, and currents events all started with an unassuming article on the History International Channel. The combination is peculiar, I will admit, but someone once told me it was more eclectic than weird, and I have been using that word ever since. Below are some interesting stats about the site:

First article: History International is a Hidden Gem of a Channel

Most read article (4,866): Camelot in Smithereens: My Take on the JFK Assassination

Least read article (3): Happy Thanksgiving from FNYTSF!

Most read interview (718): Conversation with Film and Theater Actor Brian Mallon

Busiest day (1,091) : July 20, 2010

Busiest month (12,829): February, 2011

Least busiest month (1,414): April, 2010

So anyway, now on to what I really wanted to say. I have met a lot of interesting people since starting this blog, both in interviews and those that read my website and leave regular feedback. There really are too many to name, but I wanted to thank you all from the bottom of my heart. This has been one hell of a year, and I can only hope that this next year will be even better!

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  1. Jumbo says:


    Congrats on your milestone! I admire your dedication and energy and wish you even greater success in the future.

    1. gcaggiano says:

      Thank you very much, Jumbo!

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