Rebuttal: The Top Five Reasons to Write for Bleacher Report

I stopped viewing this garbage heap months ago, but someone sent me this link and I just could not ignore it. You all know my thoughts on Bleacher Report, a massive fan-run blogging website where anyone can join and write articles, and in turn, pretend to be a journalist. Many of these articles find their way into news feeds and search engine results, and some are fooled by the misinformation they give. I really don’t know how else to describe this fantastic mess without cursing, but just go on and see for yourself. But anyway, this “article” if you can call it that, lists the top five reasons why you should give your time, and declining brain power, to write for their site.

(Ellipsis added to create excerpts. To read this magnificent piece of horse dung in it’s entirety, click the link above.)

Introductory Slide

Who should write for Bleacher Report: Intelligent fans with a deep knowledge and original insights about a team or topic…Professional journalists and columnists looking to reach a wider audience and build their personal brands in a fast-changing digital media world.

  • Intelligent fans? Guess they didn’t get the memo on this one. Ever go to a professional sports game and get stuck sitting in front of a fan whose had one too many and just spouts ignorant nonsense that has nothing to do with the play, but thinks he’s the best commentator since Foster Hewitt? That guy is Bleacher Report’s top writer. It is giant mass of idiots masking themselves as professionals, which is why I literally laughed out loud when they mention professional journalists should join up. There is nothing professional about this site except the way they invite these dazed blockheads with open arms to take part. If you are a professional journalist, stay far, far away. Don’t even let the thought creep into your mind. The only personal brand you can develop there is how to deal with morons on a daily basis, oh, and learning frustration management.

Reason 1: Reach a Massive Audience

Writing at B/R is fun and addicting and it can easily become one of the most stimulating and fulfilling pursuits in your life…With nearly 20 million monthly readers, we’re the 4th largest sports media site in the US, and we’re growing very quickly.

  • I will give them addicting, because when you write one article, it makes you want to write a hundred more…in the same day, and that is the problem. People there go for quantity instead of quality, and considering that they don’t have much brainpower to begin with, it fades away rather quickly and creates a tangled web of absurdity. As for how many reads they get, just remember, this is a country that has citizens who take Fox News for the gospel.

Reason 2: Very Little Heartache

…All we ask is you submit high-quality pieces of original and insightful content.

  • First, let me address the “very little heartache” comment. All I ever got from visiting that site was agita. Dealing with the stupid remarks, the community leaders trying to inspire fellow writers, the list goes on and on. Writing was supposed to be fun, and they nearly ruined it for me. And regarding high quality there? That’s an oxymoron.

Reason 3: Professional Media Access

We get top writers credentialed and line up radio appearances and talent interviews. We have a professional copy editing staff and writer development group to help you become a better new media writer…

  • This is an out and out lie. No professional organization or media outlet in their right minds would credential a Bleacher Report writer. I literally had PR representative laugh at me over the phone when I gave them my affiliation. In fact, I had to create an independent blog with no affiliation to get high profile interviews. A PR rep from an NHL team that I got to know pretty well told me, when asked about what he thought of B/R replied, “That [expletive deleted] website?” The saying “Guilty by Association” holds true here. And to discuss their editors for a moment, they are just interns with no more intelligence than the writers I have talked about. It scared me that they would be in charge of “fixing” my work, because even if nothing was wrong, they would still find a way to change something to follow their format. If it’s not broke don’t fix it—these dumbasses break everything.

Reason 4: Unique Exposure

Our top writers are featured prominently on our media partner sites, including,,,,,, and others…

  • Would my article qualify as unique exposure? How about those on Puck Daddy? I believe every single major, professional media outlet, with the exception of those listed above, has denounced Bleacher Report; message boards even have it’s URL blocked, and every writer who has left has never looked back, so why do they still pretend that they are providing a service for sports fans?

Reason 5: We Have Paid Opportunities

We’ve created a limited number of paid opportunities for the highest performing writers on the site. These paid contributors will be selected from current B/R contributors as well as new applicants who prove themselves as top writers over the coming months…

  • Limited number? Yeah you ain’t kidding. I wrote 302 articles and was never offered a penny. A colleague of mine, Alan Bass wrote 516 articles and was one of the longest standing community leaders on the site and never saw a dime. Guess you just have to kiss the collective asses of your superiors to get “recognized”

I would write more, but I have wasted enough of my time on them. Normally, I would not link them so they do not get additional exposure, but people need to know the truth so they are not fooled. Do yourself a favor, and just stay away.


5 thoughts on “Rebuttal: The Top Five Reasons to Write for Bleacher Report

  1. The King

    Now hang on. Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaang on a minute there Greg.

    I left and occasionally look back. Granted, it’s mostly to look at the ruins of that Wrestling section I helped make into the rabble rousing monster it was.

    You’re telling me about the editors. I was one, and I routinely got frustrated with their policies on what I could and could not do. It was ridiculous.

    B/R is great for a laugh. Not much beyond that.

  2. Giaco

    I humored myself in reading the 1st hockey thing. It was top FAs leaving this offseason from each team. Apparently Radek Dvorak now plays D and that Frolov will be looking for a raise next year with the Rangers.

  3. Oh my goodness! Awesome article dude! Many thanks, However I am going through difficulties with your RSS. I don’t understand the reason why I cannot join it. Is there anyone else getting identical RSS problems? Anybody who knows the answer will you kindly respond? Thanks!!

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