Taking a Look at the “Gettysburg” & “Gods and Generals” Limited Collector’s Set

With the May 24 release of the Gettysburg and Gods and Generals Director’s Cuts less than two months away, I figured I would share with you an even better look at what the DVD sets will look like for the July 5 release of the “Limited Collector’s Edition”. Many people have asked why the May releases will only be on Blu Ray, because they only have DVD players. Rest assured, the LCE will be available in both Blu Ray and DVD format. This really looks like a fantastic set, and is something I will have to purchase along with the two regular editions which will be in “Blu Ray Book” packaging form. I would like to thank one of my readers, Chris, for sending me this picture:

As you can see, this set is going to be much more than just the films. It comes with the 32-page Time Civil War book, as previously mentioned, but also an additional book on artifacts from the war. Then there will be a map from National Geographic as well as a commemorative Abraham Lincoln Coin. The sets will be sequentially numbered to 100,000.

My plan will be to buy the two Blu Ray editions in May (just because eight years has been a long enough wait, and I don’t want to have to go another two months), then ask for the LCE for my birthday, which is ironically on July 2, the anniversary of the second day’s fighting at Gettysburg. However, I will need the DVD version of that instead, just because I plan on using this for when I start teaching, and schools have not yet been upgraded with Blu Ray technology.

Click here to view the back of the Gods and Generals DVD case.

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  1. Steven says:

    This looks like a very awesome set! They also have the set available on DVD. Call me crazy, but I do plan to get the two Blu-ray digibooks, and the DVD Collector’s Set.

    1. gcaggiano says:

      You’re not the only one!

    2. Chris says:

      Same here :P! Although, I plan to get both sets as blu-ray if possible I like the convience of having all of the film on one disc :P.

  2. Sandra Culter says:

    Greg, the individual movies are not going to be released as DVD? I’m unemployed and buying two sets is not possible for me. Any idea how much the Limited Edition DVD set will be? I really want just movies. So if the blu-ray is less expensive, I’ll have to buy those but won’t be able to view them! I am grateful you are keeping us informed!

    1. Chris says:

      The price is generally listed as 84.99 which isn’t much more then the to combined price of the two digi-books. That’s the price of the Blu-Ray Collector’s Edition however, if there is a DVD Collector’s Edition it may be cheaper. Here’s a link with the price:


    2. gcaggiano says:

      Individually no, they won’t be on DVD. Just part of the set. Unless something changes between now and May.

  3. Steven says:

    Had a change of heart, and will be getting the DVD Collector’s Set for my Dad as a late Father’s Day Gift. I’ll have both films on Blu-ray, and he’ll have the awesome set.

  4. Barn says:

    Compared to Warner’s sets for Wizard of Oz, Gone with the Wind and Ben Hur, this is extremely disappointing. Much of it strikes me as a rather lazy effort. Seems like all the thought went into the digibooks and that the set was a mere afterthought.

  5. Meidoorn says:

    I am just curious whether the hour “never before seen footage” added to Gods and Generals includes the Antietam scenes not in the original. That would be something extraordinary.

    Anyone know anything about that?

    1. gcaggiano says:

      Yes, it will. Read through some of the articles on this blog. It’s all been explained.


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