Brookdale Can’t Afford Paper

What came out of the printer at school today, when I printed out math notes.

People who read my blog and even my articles in the school paper on a regular basis must think I have it in for this place, because I never seem to write about anything positive concerning Brookdale Community College. But you must understand, negativity sells and it is far more interesting. Take the last issue of The Stall, for example. With a special edition of our school paper loaded with goodies and opinions on our president heading to jail an early retirement, they flew off the shelves. Before that? No one even knew we had a paper.

So anyway, on to the topic at hand. We all know businesses are cutting costs any way they can because of the way the economy is, and colleges are even raising tuition. Brookdale was initially headed that way, but thanks to a hypocritical little inconvenience, our tuition will be remaining the same. However, it has come to my attention in the last few weeks that our school can no longer afford printer paper. In my math class, which I actually enjoy, our professor teaches in a very specific way, one that I understand. He puts notes up on the powerpoint and hands us packets that contain the same exact items, so we can follow along and fill it in as he goes over it. I really cannot think of a better way to teach a subject to people who hate it. The downside is, each of these packets normally contain 5-7 pages, and when you multiply that by ~20 students in each of his 3-5 classes, twice a week, the papers begin to add up, and apparently, Brookdale can no longer afford it.

It was last month, when we walked into class and he handed us our last packet, saying that the Math Department yelled at him for wasting paper, and that we would have to print it out at home or go to the Math Lab to print it. First of all, wasting paper? How can it be a waste when these packets help students to understand the material? Secondly, if he is not allowed to print them out in his office, but we can print them out in the lab, THE SAME EXACT AMOUNT OF PAGES, then aren’t we still, technically, “wasting paper”? Did his supervisors actually think this one over before issuing their command? Our teacher even tried one other time, to bring us packets, but as he told us jokingly, “They caught me.”

The entire situation makes absolutely no sense, and to get back at them, I will not waste my own money (I do enough of that in the school bookstore every semester) by printing 15 pages a week from my own personal printer. Instead, I will print them out at the Math Lab like I did today. The funny part about that is, after I clicked “Print” and walked over there, I saw Mapquest directions and a life insurance application shooting out at me. Confused, because no one else was printing anything, I stood there waiting for mine to come out. After two minutes of standing there like an idiot, I removed these pages to find that my notes were on the back of them. Hooray for recycling…oh, and directions to the Navuoo Grill in Fair Haven.

You just can’t make this stuff up. Until next time, folks…


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