“Devin’s Den” Vol. 2: Fighting, Girls, and the Playoff Push!

As promised, I bring you the latest installment of “Devin’s Den”, where I ask New York Rangers’ prospect Devin DiDiomete anything and everything, on topics ranging from, of course, hockey, to whatever else that may be happening. With the Connecticut Whale wrapping up their season, and trying to clinch a playoff berth (much like the parent-club Rangers), I only sent him five questions. When the season is over, or maybe this summer, we will have our next installment. In the meantime, if you have anything you would like me to ask Devin, please leave it in a comment below or email it to me. Also, make sure to follow him on Twitter. Below is our conversation:

Quick Hits

Favorite actor? Denzel Washington

Favorite actress? Based solely on looks, Megan Fox.

Favorite band? I’m a sucker for any rap or techno.

Favorite book? The first and only book I have ever read cover to cover is Tough Guy, about Bob Probert.

Favorite vacation spot? Anywhere I can see hot girls in bikini’s. (laughs)

Favorite hockey moment? Team wise, going to the OHL finals with the Sudbury Wolves. It was a pretty crazy run. We finished below .500 and won the Eastern Conference over Plymouth in 6 games. Personally, either being drafted or signing my first NHL contract.

Q & A

GC: With the season winding down, and the Whale sitting in 8th place, what will you guys have to do to make that final push towards clinching a playoff spot?

DD: I don’t think we can worry about what other teams are doing. We just have to focus on the job at task and win our remaining games and there won’t be anything to worry about!

Email Q from Johnny Lis: Which team would be the biggest challenge for the Whale to face in the playoffs?

DD: It’s playoffs so anything can happen, but if I were to pick one team I wouldn’t want to face, it would be Manchester. They have a good combination of skill and toughness, but so do we!

GC: You recently reached your milestone 300th penalty minute. How do you keep your hands healthy after throwing so many punches?

DD: This year was the first time in my life I’ve hit the 300 penalty minute mark, and I think I could have made a push for 400 if I hadn’t got injured (hopefully my mom doesn’t read that or she would want to kill me!). My hands look like they’ve been through a meat grinder and back, but I do have to take care of them and I do that by icing them a ton and dipping them in hot wax; not sure what that does but it makes them smooth, and what lady doesn’t like smooth hands?

Email Q from Eric Welles: How has fighting changed over the years, if at all? How does it feel to be in a fight?

DD: I think guys are a lot more technical now. With how big some of these tough guys are, you can’t just sit back and chuck or you won’t last very long. To be honest, most of the time adrenaline takes over and I don’t feel anything until after the fight. There’s no better feeling than when the building is rocking and the fans are on their feet after a scrap, or maybe scoring feels better, but I don’t do enough of that so I wouldn’t know (laughs).

GC: Finally, to go off topic, what jobs did you have before you became a hockey player? If you were not one, what occupation would you like to have and why?

DD: When I was young, I cut grass for a few businesses in town. After doing that for a few summers, I realized that I should really work at hockey because “real” work wasn’t for me! I always wanted to be a professional hockey player so I didn’t really think about anything else. If I had to pick another occupation, I’d have to go with professional golfer (laughs).

I would like to thank Devin again for taking the time to do this interview. I also wish him and the rest of the Whale the best of luck in the remaining few games, and hope they can clinch a playoff spot!


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