Joe’s “History Will Be Made” Videos: Ryan McDonagh and Bryan McCabe

Ever since the NHL started broadcasting “History Will Be Made” commercials last season, they became an instant hit. There have been many copies, and parodies done by fans since, showing how popular they have become. The music and excitement present in these is enough to pump up anyone who loves hockey, by showing some of the most famous goals and saves throughout history. Our very own Joe Aliello has created two himself, dealing with current New York Rangers Ryan McDonagh, who scored his first NHL goal yesterday, and deadline acquisition Bryan McCabe, and they are amazing.

When he first sent me the McDonagh one, I thought to myself, “Wow! He’s a rookie and he already has his own commercial.” Then Joe told me that he created them himself, and I was floored because of how real they look. He did a terrific job with these, and I just wanted to share them with all of you.

With the first round of the playoffs beginning this week, please share this with all Rangers fans you know, because they will get you primed and ready for some exciting playoff hockey. Once again, great job, Joe! Enjoy, everyone!

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