Recapping the Rangers’ Double-OT Loss Through Status Updates

Because I am at a loss for words after tonight’s double overtime loss to the Washington Capitals, I am not going to write a post-game recap. Instead, I am going to let my Facebook status updates do the talking for what was a highly entertaining and intense game, despite a heartbreaking loss by the New York Rangers. I would also like to note, that the Rangers are once again partially done in by the referees, and both in the same situation. In Game One, a failed whistle with a puck in the crease resulted in a late-game tying goal to send the game to overtime 1-1. Tonight, in the third period, Henrik Lundqvist had the puck covered along the goal line, and even though the referee was right behind the net, he did not blow the whistle. The Capitals would score their first goal, to get the score to 3-1, before their onslaught would continue, all triggered by one goal.

Here they are, in chronological order; my documentation of Game Four:

  • Hey Boudreau, can you hear us now you fat [expletive]?

(10 likes, 2 comments) Posted right after the Rangers scored their first goal, which elevated the already rocking Madison Square Garden crowd. This coming after fans chanted “Boudreau Sucks” and “Can you hear us?” earlier in the game.

  • Boudreau is so hungry he’s eating his words tonight.

(10 likes, 0 comments) This went up after the second period ended, with the Rangers holding that famed (and dreaded) three goal lead. I was more confident now than ever before in the series, but even so, I reminded myself that these were the New York Rangers I was rooting for.

  • I think I’ll take that drink now…

(3 likes, 0 comments) How appropriate this one was, posted right after the Capitals scored their second goal. Somehow I just knew the Rangers were not going to get out alive. They just could not stop the collapse, and the offensively superior Capitals took it to them hard.

  • To overtime we go. These idiots are hell-bent on giving me a heart attack.

(1 like, 2 comments) Self explanatory.

  • And Ranger fans wonder why their life insurance policies are more expensive? Holy [expletive]…

(5 likes, 1 comment) This came right after Lundqvist stopped Alex Ovechkin on a breakaway, probably the most nerve-wracking moment of the game, and one that took a year off my life.

  • Wanted: Stephane Matteau

(7 likes, 5 comments) With the game going to the second overtime, how could I think of anyone else?

  • If this game goes any longer, I am going to need a bottle of Just for Men.

(3 likes, 4 comments) Lucky me, the game did not last much longer.

  • This epic game ends like that? What a crock of [expletive]. [Expletive] you Marian Gaborik.

(2 likes, 4 comments) This cannot even get across my frustration with how this game ended. All the drama, all the intensity, just thrown out the window because Gaborik decided to swipe at a puck that Lundqvist was about to pounce on. At least Mr. Invisible decided to score a goal tonight, his first in 13 games, and actually looked pretty good. But I’m sure this will be his usual one-game wonder. I just hope he’ll be invisible some place else next season.

  • To make up for the shots the Rangers did not get in overtime, I would like to take a few of my own. Anyone wanna join me?

(1 like, 3 comments) Not to advocate underage drinking, but the offer still stands. To quote a great man, “Oy vey!”


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