Warner Brothers’ New Promo for “Gettysburg”/ “Gods and Generals” Director’s Cuts

Thanks to a reader named Blake, who passed along this link, we can now watch the official Warner Brothers promo for the May 24 releases of the Gettysburg and Gods and Generals Director’s Cuts. We are now almost one month away, and I don’t know about you, but I am really excited. To think, eight years of waiting is all going to boil down to this. To be honest, I never thought this day would come, but it is, and I’m sure you are all counting down the days like me.

On a bit of a disappointing note, I really am not too thrilled with this promo, which you can view by clicking here, and I think Warner Brothers could have done better, at least with the G & G portion. With over an hour of footage being added, somehow, only five or six seconds worth makes it into the promo. I know it is not really a big deal, but still. There is also another thing that bothers me, and that is the announced billing of Mira Sorvino and Robert Duvall, yet absolutely no mention of Jeff Daniels or Stephen Lang, the latter of which was given more screen time than any other character in both films. Nevertheless, we can see bits and pieces of the fighting in the Miller Cornfield at Antietam and John Wilkes Booth speaking to a group of Confederate recruits. Please enjoy.

12 thoughts on “Warner Brothers’ New Promo for “Gettysburg”/ “Gods and Generals” Director’s Cuts

  1. Steven

    Despite a couple of questionable things (not crediting Jeff Daniels and Stephen Lang, like you said), this is fantastic! I especially love the Antietam footage, the clips of John Wilkes Booth (“All the world’s a stage, and we in it but poor players. What better role than that of a soldiers, protecting his home, and his beloved.”). But most important of all, the scene where Jackson tells the men of his promotion to Major General, and transfer to the Valley! I loved this scene in the script, which precedes the farewell address to the First Brigade. Which means the scene will almost directly follow First Manassas now, which is where it’s supposed to be! Cannot WAIT!

    1. Chris

      Was part of that scene in the trailer? Not that I doubt your claim, I just didn’t notice it and I would love to see what you are reffering to. Is there a specific tme stamp you are reffering to?

  2. Wes M.

    I have clicked the above link many times but I am unable to watch the clip. It loads to 100% but then does not play. Steven Hancock, did you see the rough cut of the director’s cut at one of its few screenings? If so, you and I and anyone else who has seen it will be able to fill everyone in on the hour or so of footage that will still not be seen in the upcoming release. In the rough cut I saw, there is a seen of Jackson’s casket being carried inside his classroom by his VMI students. I think Greg asked about that.

    1. Steven

      I sadly did not get to see the rough cut of Ron Maxwell’s extended version of the film. However, I have read the full-length script, and know of most of what was shot for the film. I hope they might release the rest of the footage as deleted scenes sometime in the near future.

      Happy Easter! HE IS RISEN!

  3. Ben K.

    Sweet! Looks great and It’s still amazing to me that it’s actually happening.
    And looking at the promo I can at least tick off one deleted scene that made the cut that I know I’m in.

      1. Ben K.

        The scene with the Richmound Greys where Booth makes his speech during a recruitment drive, I’m in that gaggle somewhere

      2. Ben K.

        Inspiring and well delivered, it was one of those scenes I was sorry was missing from the theatrical cut. Can’t wait to see it

    1. Wes M.

      Yes, do get the book Jeff Davis mentions. It is loaded with information about the film you won’t find elsewhere including the entire script and some great period wet-plate photographs of the cast in their costumes. Everyone who writes responses on this blog about Gods and Generals and Gettysburg would probably enjoy this book.

      1. Ben K.

        I’ve had the book since it was first published, my friend Sean Pridgeon is the individual on the cover though you’d never know becuause his features are darkened out

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