Four New Scenes from “Gettysburg” and “Gods and Generals” Released

Thanks again to a reader named Blake, I can now show you four more clips that have been released by Warner Brothers, two from Gettysburg and two from Gods and Generals. They are very short, but it is still better than nothing. In a way, I do not even want to see a sneak peak of the Antietam scenes, because I don’t want to ruin it—I have waited eight years and figure I can stand to wait another twenty days. Click on the pictures to view video.

Gods and Generals

The Union band at Camp Mason

The 20th Maine is being recruited as a newly formed band is playing. Colonel Adelbert Ames (Matt Letscher) walks towards them, looking little more than peeved at the awful sound coming from the band. He then yells at them to, “Stop that damn drumming!”

The 20th Maine at Fredericksburg

The regiment is marching through the town on their way to the front, when Ames and Chamberlain (Jeff Daniels) are confronted by their commanding officer, Charles Griffin (a new character added to the film, played by Matt Miller). He then tells them, “They drove my first brigade to hell”, signaling that they are next. There is also a shot of a Union hospital at the beginning.


Buford’s Cavalry Enters the Town

This is a fantastic scene that encompasses so much, where John Buford’s (Sam Elliot) cavalry rides into Gettysburg, where they are confronted by townspeople who can’t believe that the war has come that far north. When asked how serious the situation is, Colonel Devin (David Carpenter) remarks, “Nothing the cavalry can’t handle.” But the best line is spoken by Buford at the end.

Longstreet and Freemantle on July 2nd

I’ve always loved the scenes with the British character of Arthur Freemantle (James Lancaster), and his discussions with James Longstreet (Tom Berenger). They always turn the movie from rough and rugged to a bit debonaire, by adding a touch of class. Here, the two are discussing military tactics.


7 thoughts on “Four New Scenes from “Gettysburg” and “Gods and Generals” Released

  1. Steven

    The new clips from “Gettysburg” aren’t exactly “new,” since the Director’s Cut of that film has been seen on TNT in the past several years (If you’ve watched it on TNT since at least 2000, you’ve seen the Director’s Cut).

    But the new clips from “Gods and Generals” are intriguing. They may not be awesome clips in the traditional sense, but what I can see from these clips is that the film is going to breathe a little bit more, and not feel as rushed as it does in the theatrical cut. Can’t believe the film is almost here. Seems like an eternity.

    God bless!

    1. I vaguely remember the Gettysburg scenes from the first times I watched the film as a kid. I think I was 7 or 8 when I first saw it, because by 10 I was into it enough for my parents to take me to Gettysburg for the first time, for my birthday (made even better that my birthday is actually on July 2). It’s a shame TNT doesn’t air it anymore. It used to be on every year, so it seemed, when I was little.

  2. Steven

    But I will admit, the clips from “Gettysburg” look pretty sharp! Looks like they did go all out with the hi-def transfer!

  3. Chris

    I feel that I should mention that all of the deleted Gettysburg scenes can be found on youtube :P. This is a link to a list:

    They’ve been up for a few years and so far WB hasn’t taken them down. That having been said, the picture qaulity on the Gettysburg scenes released by WB is far better then its previously uploaded counterpart.

    I hope in doing this I’m not tempting anyone with the proverbial apple of spoilers :P. Up until now I’ve resisted the urge to mention it but seeing as how were discussing deleted scenes I thought I should at last mention these.

  4. Chris1982

    I like the Gods and Generals clips. Can’t wair for the Director’s cut to come out.

    Thanks for posting all the G&G news on your site!

  5. Ben K.

    Sweet! The camp scene is one of the ones I described in my list ‘o’ missing stuff. Already caught a glimpse of myself!

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