Site News: An Editorial Partnership with Warner Brothers

Thanks to the many readers and Civil War buffs who have frequented this site in the last few months for the exclusive coverage and interviews regarding the upcoming director’s cut releases of Gods and Generals and Gettysburg, I have been contacted by Warner Brothers, the producers of G & G, who want to editorially partner with this blog in preparation for the long-awaited May 24th release. They have asked if I would review both films for them, to be published on this site, and in turn, they are going to send me advanced copies of the Blu Rays so that I can get the reviews up before the actual release date.

The other piece of news is that Warner Brothers also would like to have a Blu Ray contest/giveaway of some sort to be run from this site. I am still waiting to hear back from them in regards to how exactly it will work, so keep checking back. This is all very exciting for me, as you can imagine, but none of this would have happened without you. Had it not been for the Civil War buffs, reenactors, and fans alike, word of this site probably would not have spread as far as it did.

In the meantime, please enjoy this lively and fantastic piece of music scored by Randy Edelman that never made it into Gettysburg, but was released in 1998 as part of a very limited deluxe commemorative edition.

Until next time,

Greg Caggiano


10 thoughts on “Site News: An Editorial Partnership with Warner Brothers

  1. Wes M.

    Congratulations Greg. We live in the age of DIY (do it yourself) journalism thanks to the marvel that is the internet. It will be regarded among the great inventions of human history right up there with the Gutenberg printing press. Because of this wonderful tool, people like yourself are able to bring others together with a common interest to enjoy and learn about something, in this case the Civil War and particularly the director’s cuts of Gods and Generals and Gettysburg. In the old days, huge media outlets would have to be relied on for interviews with luminaries like Brian Mallon, Bo Brinkman, and Patrick Gorman but not anymore. There can now be a closer relationship between fans and filmmakers and actors without popparrazi obnoxiousness and totally smooth and easy with tools like Skype (like with your Patrick Gorman interview). My thanks goes out to Warner Bros. for producing these DVDs.

    1. Thanks for the comment Wes, much appreciated. This has all been quite an adventure for me and I never expected this at all. I can’t tell you how excited I am for this opportunity.

  2. Ben K.

    OK I’m super jelous, can’t wait to see them myself, the anticipation that has been growing for ten years is only getting bigger. Congrats Greg and thanks for everything!

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