“Gods and Generals”: We Need Another Soundtrack, and Other News

Because I know cast and crew members have been on this site in the past, I will make this humble suggestion, in hopes someone will see it. Personally, I think it makes sense that with the release of the Gods and Generals Extended Director’s Cut should come another release of the film’s soundtrack, with added music. Granted, there were not that many new tracks in the added footage (maybe around ten minutes worth, but I’m just estimating), but there was some music in the theatrical cut that did not even make it into the original soundtrack, such as the music played during the battle of Chancellorsville, right after the piece “VMI Will Be Heard From Today” finishes, and when the 20th Maine is marching onto the field at Fredericksburg.

I do not know if it is possible for this to happen, but I sure would like to see it and I think a lot of others would too. Even people I know that did not care for the film raved about its music, which was composed by John Frizzell and Randy Edelman. The same thing happened for Ron Maxwell’s other film, Gettysburg, as a Deluxe Commemorative Set was released in 1998. It included the original soundtrack on the first disc, plus a second disc of additional music and other tracks that did not make it into the film. This is apparently so hard to find now that it sells for $50 used on Amazon, and over $100 for new. Please keep in mind that this is different from “More Songs and Music from Gettysburg”, which featured the film’s fife and drum sounds. Certain tracks from the Deluxe edition can now be found on YouTube.

EDIT: Thanks to a reader named Andy, who sent me a link to a recently conducted interview with John Frizzell, the composer states that there was well over three hours of music he composed for the film, and added, “There is enough for two more CD’s.  I would really like to see at least one more CD come out.  I think at this point it is up to the fans to ask the label to do it.  That will probably get a response.” So there it is folks: if we want it, we should get a movement going. Feel free to share this article with everyone you think will be interested. Andy has even created a group to stir up interest. Click here to join.

Other News

Yesterday, I finally got a chance to watch the all new Ron Maxwell and Ted Turner introduction for the film. It is here that Maxwell says that this cut of the film was the definitive one, and it was most of what was ever shot. The rumors and speculation over the years that the cut was going to be six hours seems like a farce now—five hours worth of usable footage was all they ever shot. He also notes that the script for this film was 230 pages.

We are now just ten days away from the release date! When the 24th comes, I am going to make a post inviting all of you to post your reviews in the comment section. We’ll make it the official Gods and Generals “flood” article, where hopefully everyone will flock to discuss the movie. Also, please feel free to add me on Facebook. I feel like I have gotten to know some of you over the course of these last few months and now that what we are waiting for is finally here, it would be nice to stay in touch. You’ll have to find me, but the profile picture might give it away! One last thing, if you have not yet read my review of the film, please click here!

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  1. Kyle says:

    Greg, I have heard rumors about an expanded score being worked on/planned whatever. Frizzell has said it is “definitely” going to happen, apparently. Perhaps you could work out an interview with him…???

    http://filmscoremonthly.com/board/posts.cfm?threadID=74069&forumID=1&archive=0 This link is my source.

    As I write this I am listening to my rip of the score from the 5.1… of the DVD…. Frizzell also said somewhere that he wrote enough music to fill two more CDs of score! (Full probably only means 60 minutes per disc.)

  2. Kyle says:

    Also, have you figured out where in the film “No Photographs” plays? To the very best of my ability I have determined that it does NOT occur in the theatrical release. The closest I’ve heard is when Jackson has the little girl, Jane, on his shoulder shortly before saying goodbye to Moss Neck. Perhaps it is an unused cue.

    1. Kyle says:

      Arg, I’m sorry; I just noticed the origin of the music in your review of the film. Like I said, I didn’t really read it before because I didn’t want to spoil it for myself. Feel free to delete both this comment and my unnecessary original one. Apologies.

      1. gcaggiano says:

        No problem. It’s a cute little scene with Jackson not wanting his picture taken and looking very uncomfortable when he does.

  3. Kyle says:

    According to http://filmscoremonthly.com/board/posts.cfm?threadID=74069&forumID=1&archive=0 , there is a release planned/in the works for another release. Frizzell said somewhere that there’s enough music for two more discs (I assume each on lasting around 60 minutes each).

    Perhaps you could work out an interview with the maestro himself…???

  4. Andy V. says:

    I think an extended soundtrack is a great idea, I’ve been wanting to see on for a long time now. The music you mentioned that is played at Chancellorsville is actually one of my favorite cues in the entire movie. I find myself humming it often. Also they could add some of the source music too like “The Bonnie Blue Flag”. Lets hope that there are some powers-that-be out there who hear this request from you and others and make this event happen too!

    1. Kyle says:

      Supposedly, another release is happening…


      Perhaps Greg could interview Frizzell about the score.

  5. Wes M. says:

    I love the music from Chancellorsville! It is so exciting and heroic! The music from Jackson and Jim Lewis conversation when they both pray together and look up at the stars is very nice too. I always liked the piano tune that Lucy Beale plays at the beginning of the Moss Neck Christmas party. I would definitely buy a new Gods and Generals soundtrack. I’m sure everyone that reads and posts and Greg’s blog would. I have that deluxe Gettysburg soundtrack. I’m glad I bought it before it became a rare collector’s item. I remember getting it on amazon right before Gods and Generals was released theatrically.

    Note to Greg: Be sure to get the Gods and Generals film companion book I mentioned. It has the entire script. Then, you can read through it and determine which scenes did not make into the extended director’s cut. That is what I am going to do when I see the film in just a few short days! Woo hoo! I saw the director’s cut in San Antonio and it was definitely around 5 hours, probably 5 and 20 or 5 and 30 min. I don’t remember exactly. That was in November 2004. But it was a rough cut with unfinished shots and effects. So yeah, 5 hours of usable footage and maybe 5 and a half of unusable footage sounds exactly right. Ron Maxwell is a brilliant storyteller and it’s his film (I subscribe to the “director as auteur” point of view in regards to film authorship) so I have no doubt that this 4 and 40 min final version will be satisfying. I am sorry to hear about the removed scenes. I liked those scenes and felt they extended naturally from the characters’ personalities. But hey, I have the theatrical cut on DVD so I can still watch those scenes if I ever want to.

    Greg, have you listened to the new commentary yet? Did Ron Maxwell explain why he removed those scenes? Your speculation of the reasons in your review is probably right but I’m wondering if he mentioned it in the commentary.

    1. gcaggiano says:

      I have not listened to the commentary yet, and to be honest, I have never listened to a commentary of any of the 150+ DVDs I own. But I just might for this one in a few weeks.

      I still have to watch/review Gettysburg for Warner Brothers, and I hope to get that up by the middle of next week.

    2. Kyle says:

      Wes, I’m interested in the companion book…what’s it’s title?

      1. gcaggiano says:

        This is what Wes is referring to:


        He’s been trying to get me to buy it for three months now! LOL

    3. Andy V. says:

      Hey Wes did you see the director’s cut at the SAICFF? If so I was there as well. It was hard to tell the exact length of the picture as it was spread out over the whole day with breaks and a lunch time too!

  6. Chris1982 says:

    I would love too see an extended soundtrack of G&G. I hope they will release it at some point. I also like the “Chancellorsville” song mentioned above.

    I can think of 4 or 5 songs which could be heard in the theatrical/DVD cut of the film but have not been released to the public:

    – Battle of Henry House Hill/Fighting in the streets of Fredericksburg (this song was used twice in the film)
    – 20th Maine marches into battle
    – another song which was played during the battle of Marye’s Heights
    – “Chancellorsville battle” (just after “VMI will be heard” song)
    – Jackson is shot (a slower, more emotional version of the “Gods & Generals main theme”)

    In addition to those 4 or 5 songs they could add the new material of the Director’s Cut and maybe some of the marches & folk songs used in the film (“Bonnie Blue Flag”, “Silent Night”, “Steal Away”, “Upon the heights of Alma”, etc.)

  7. gcaggiano says:

    Everyone, please visit the link I have added to the article, and thanks to Andy for emailing it to me. It’s a wonderful John Frizzell interview, and he says that there is 3+ hours of music written for G & G.

  8. Kyle says:

    Who should we fans email our requests to? Frizzell’s website contact form, or Sony, or Warner, …??

    1. gcaggiano says:

      I’m not sure yet. Frizzell himself probably can’t do anything about it, because if he could, he would have. Like he said, it’s up to the label. Who produced it? My case got so beat up I have it with a new one and lost the design.

  9. Kyle says:

    Sony Classical (or Sony Music Soundtrax) produced it. The spine has both on it.

    However, that doesn’t mean the same label will do it again. For example, La La Land Records released an expanded version of Frizzell’s Alien Resurrection, but RCA produced the original one. However, I already emailed LLL and they said they’re not doing it (but they heard somebody else was already working on it).

    Driving me kinda nuts…I suppose I’ll have to be happy with my 5.1 rip until they release an expanded set. So…I’ll send an email to Sony. 🙂

    1. gcaggiano says:

      Go for it! Let us know what happens!

      1. Kyle says:

        Okay, I’ve emailed Sony, but it will probably just get relegated to the dustbin with all the other “can u release my fav artist? they r so good!!!” messages. We’ll see.

        If there is any way I could be more influential in getting a CD released (or finding out if one is forthcoming), I’d be leading the charge. (har, har)

      2. gcaggiano says:


        Find me on Facebook. A few people who post here regularly have started a Facebook group to stir up some interest.

  10. add Kathleen Mavourneen, Song of the Rebel Irish, Dixie and Beethoven: Piano Sonata #8 In C Minor, Op. 13, “Pathétique” – 2. Adagio Cantabile

    more than enough for an album, when you add the songs mentioned

    1. Jake says:

      Excuse me, but how about an extended soundtrack to Gettysburg as well?!

      Virtually everything from the Little Round Top sequence failed to make the soundtrack (except the triumphant bayonet charge music) as well as the melancholoy trumpet-version of the main theme that plays when Chamberlain learns of Kilrain’s fate.

      1. Jake says:

        AND most of the stuff from Pickett’s Charge, too!

      2. gcaggiano says:

        Or they could produce more of the Deluxe Edition and charge less money.

      3. Jay says:

        Totally agree with the Gettysburg soundtrack. When I was 13, I wrote TNT and asked for the complete score to be released. I catalogued the entire soundtrack–every musical cue! They wrote back (probably thought I was a nut!) and though they couldn’t give me the music, they did give me a movie poster!

  11. add Mary Land, my Mary Land

    1. Joel says:

      You do know it’s Maryland not Mary Land.

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