Site News: Upcoming Interview with Ron Maxwell

Well folks, the moment you have all asked me about has finally arrived—I am going to be getting an interview with the director of Gettysburg and Gods and Generals, Ron Maxwell. I cannot tell you how many times after each interview with a cast member that people have asked me when I am interviewing Ron. My six month search has finally ended, and I am in contact with him via email. I have sent him my questions and will wait for his response.

This seems to be the culmination of the Gods and Generals coverage I have been writing about since November, and I cannot tell you how fun it was. The writing will not stop with this interview, but I feel that everything I have been pursuing in regards to these two movies is now complete. Please keep checking back for when it will be posted, because I do not have a timetable, and told him not to rush. You can visit his official website by clicking here.

Greg Caggiano

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  1. Andy V. says:

    All right! I so happy for you and look forward to this interview. It’ll be great to hear him recount his experiences in making the best two movies ever made! Lets hope someone steps up and gives him the green light to make “The Last Full Measure”.

  2. yes, let’d hope for the Last Full Measure!!!

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