5 comments on “The Civil War Serial Part One: Hell at the Bloody Lane

  1. I’ve been thinking about tackling a screenplay about Antietam myself. My idea would be to begin the movie with Second Manassas, go through the planning of the campaign, and cover all the events leading up to the battle, before tackling the battle itself. My idea would be for a film with the dramatic story of “Gettysburg,” with the intense battle scenes of movies like “Saving Private Ryan.” The battle would encompass between 40 minutes and an hour of the story, giving it the depiction that it has never fully gotten. The scenes in “Glory” and “Gods and Generals” are fantastic, but the Battle of Gettysburg got its own full-length treatment; Antietam should as well.

    Of course, this is on the backburner. My first goal is to write a screenplay encompassing the battles of Nashville, Averasboro and Bentonville, and the surrender at Bennett Place, first and foremost. Bentonville is an important and criminally-overlooked battle in the American Civil War. That is something I would like to see changed.

    God bless!

    • I would love to see the Western Theater battles you mention, because I know so little about them. Like most, my focus is, and always has been, in the Eastern Theater. It would be sweet to team up and do an Antietam movie, but unless you or I win the lotto, I don’t think that’s happening anytime soon.:)

      Antietam is a battle that NEEDS to be told, ala “Gettysburg”, in that there are so many items of importance going on. It is also the perfect opportunity to show the ruthless horror of war. Bullets and shrapnel didn’t just knock men down, it tore them to pieces. “Glory” showed a head exploding which was more for a gore factor than anything else. The Cornfield, Bloody Lane, Rohrbach Bridge, and West Woods fighting were all ferocious, and would make for a terrific movie.

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