4 comments on “NHL Planning Dramatic Division Realignment for 2012?

  1. Greg,

    I see some benefit to going from six divisions to four, but unless the conferences are balanced with 15 teams each, it makes no sense. And as you note, this plan has three outlying teams–where do they fit in? I strongly believe Florida will relocate to Quebec as early as the 2012-13 season, and that will not help this proposed realignment.

    On a different note, on Saturday I visited the former Texas Schoolbook Depository Building, which is now a museum for the JFK assassination. I also visited the Grassy Knoll, where I met Robert Grodin, who was a technical consultant to Oliver Stone for the JFK movie. I bought a magazine from Mr. Grodin in which he lays out very convincing facts supporting a conspiracy. On the sixth floor of the museum the area near the window where Oswald supposedly shot JFK was preserved in flexiglass with the crime scene reenacted. What makes no sense is that the motorcade approached Oswald along Houston Street before turning let onto Elm Street before Oswald supposedly began shooting. There was a much clearer, direct head-on shot as the motorcade approached the building, so why were no shots fired from that vantage point until after the motorcade passed?

    If you have not visited the museum, I recommend you make it a point to get there. The whole experience was very powerful and the atmosphere inside the museum was funereal. But don’t visit during the summer, it was 95 degrees plus in Dallas over the weekend and it regularly goes over 100 degrees in July and August. I also suggest you read up on Mr. Grodin’s materials if you have not already done so.

    • I would love to get down there to see it. Was in San Antonio back in 2007 but I did not have enough time to get to Dallas. If you’ve seen the movie “JFK”, the reason why he was not shot coming down Houston street is in case the assassin missed, the car could speed away. But once he turns onto Elm, he enters the “triangulation of crossfire” as they put it, where they was no way they could miss.

  2. I think we should bring back the Campbell and Wales Conference names. It brings more meaning to the playoff trophies for each conference, and it lessens how unbalanced the league is from an East-West perspective.

    Here’s my idea for a reconfig of the divisions (Moves have a *.):

    Pacific Division:
    San Jose

    -Vancouver is on the Pacific Ocean, put it in the Pacific Division.

    NorthWest Division:

    -Not all the Western Canadian teams should be lumped together. That was a problem for the Jets last time.

    Central Division:
    St. Louis

    -I always thought Dallas should be a rival of Nashville.

    SouthEast Division:
    Tampa Bay

    -Get more Crosby vs. Ovechkin games.

    NorthEast Division:

    -Detroit will start selling out, as now Leafs fans will have a place to go other than Buffalo.

    Atlantic Division:
    NY I
    NY R
    New Jersey

    -Boston is the Easternmost team in the league. Put team in the Atlantic division. As well, a Boston vs. Philadelphia rivalry would be great. They deserve each other.

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