Idiot of the Week: Michele Bachmann

Just weeks ago, Sarah Palin left us with an endearing history lesson on Paul Revere’s ride, where he actually tried to warn the British by firing warning shots and ringing bells, but now, yet another T.E.A Party favorite has educated us on our Founding Fathers. Earlier this year, Michele Bachmann told the world that the founders of our country “worked tirelessly to end slavery”, a statement that George Stephanopoulos on ABC confronted her with this morning. I will rebuke that in a moment, but let me first say that this Idiot of the Week award should really go to the T.E.A Party as a whole, because no other organization has altered history and lied more than they have in recent years, except, of course, the US Government (ha-ha-ha). They make it up as they go along, whether unintentionally because they are stupid or on purpose because they are banking on their followers not being educated enough. The hardcore believers in their fiery rhetoric, which began with a common goal to end taxes, have turned into inciteful rallies, where taxes seem to be at the bottom of the totem pole, and they seem to just eat up whatever these gems say.

When Sarah Palin made her asinine comments last month, her followers actually went on Wikipedia to edit Paul Revere’s page, so that the facts matched what Palin had said. Palin then stood by her remark, just as Bachmann stood by her’s today on ABC. Clearly wrong, because our “Founding Fathers” did not work tirelessly to end slavery, she defended what she had said. This is another trademark of their movement, to lie or distort the truth, and then never admit fault, thus assuring their not-so-bright followers that they are correct. To get to her actual statement, George Washington owned 216 slaves while Thomas Jefferson owned 130. Yes Michelle, I can see them in the abolitionist movement, can’t you? These two presidents, two of the founders of our nation, were two of the biggest slaveholders this country has ever had. Then, to try to win out on the little debate, she throws in the name John Quincy Adams to save herself. While Adams did not support slavery, and favored emancipation, his presence came nearly 50 years after the Declaration of Independence was written, and 38 after the Constitution, which she throws into the conversation for no reason at all—when in doubt, just tell people that something is “unconstitutional”.

Should this lady, or Palin, win the 2012 presidential election, I fully expect my taxes to end overnight, and be automatically reimbursed, since we have all been “Taxed Enough Already”. After all, isn’t this the gist of their movement? Not showboating around the country making a fool of this nation for all the world to see? Besides, taxes are just a creation of the Obama administration and clearly did not exist before he took office.

Sorry to drift around in this article but I am just dumbfounded yet again at the quality of our candidates. I cannot tell you how bad people like Bachmann and Palin would be for this country, because to generalize people like them, and some hardcore Republicans, they only care about two things: religion and fierce patriotism. They do not care about lowering taxes like they say, they just want to make you think they love America, and then attack those they do not see as being patriotic. I used to be a patriotic person until I realized how messed up this country is. Conservatives take it to an entirely different level, and if you are not on their side, or God forbid, a “liberal”, then you are automatically labeled as evil and un-American. Just read their papers and listen to their rallies and you will see. In their eyes, there can be no liberal Americans, because to be liberal is to be progressive and open-minded, and what are the Republicans? The “Grand Old Party” that does not want real change of any kind. Take the John McCain election convention back in 2008. The crowd chants and the fiery rhetoric was reminiscent of Nazi Germany, and I do not use that term lightly. They were yelling “Country First!” and “America First!”, which I believe were their official campaign slogans. So basically, it meant, “Vote for us or you are not a good American.” I get this vibe from Palin and Bachmann most definitely, neither of whom have done anything to warrant running for president. But this is the country we live in, where complete idiots get put on a pedestal for the rest of the world to see.

One last item on Bachmann, and it is when she said on Monday night that President Obama is “threatened” by her candidacy. She also went on to say, “”He fears me. He sees me as a serious, substantive competitor. I think he sees that I have a very clear path to victory for the nomination. And, I think he wants to do whatever he can to diminish me because he thinks he’ll have to see me in the debates. That’s my intent, to take him on in the debates and to win and take the voice of the people that I serve to the White House.” Oh Michele, Michele, Michele…I bet Obama is just shaking in his boots at the thought of you; shaking with laughter.

At the end of the year, this blog is going to have a vote on who the “Idiot of the Year” is, by taking into account all the “Idiot of the Week” winners that I have blogged about. The other nominees are:

1. Donald Trump

2. Harold Camping

3. Sarah Palin

4. Anthony Weiner

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