9 comments on “An Interview with Director Ron Maxwell

  1. This was a fascinating interview! I wish I could read those 50 pages that were cut from the Gods and Generals script! Thanks for doing this interview Greg and thank you to Ron Maxwell for making these great Civil War films.

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    • Thanks for the comment, Phil! I will definitely check that link out. I really wish we had more time with the class, because there are so many great ideas/lesson plans out there.


      • My pleasure. A great opportunity to get kids excited about History.

        I’ll be at the premiere as well. Maybe we can chat for a bit. I’ve written a CW screenplay and thought it’d be cool to get RM’s autograph on it…unless he wants to read it (even better)!

        You can see what I look like on my website, http://www.TotallyWriteousCopy.com. If you see me, say hello.

      • I would love to meet with you. Go to my about the author page to see what I look like. I’ll be with the press, so I don’t know exactly where that will be, but If I see you, or vice versa, it would be nice to chat!

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