Paranormal File: Ghosts of Gettysburg: What Do You See?

A friend of mine and fellow Civil War enthusiast, Tommy Zilinski, just send me a few pictures he snapped Friday at the Triangular Field of Gettysburg, which is located directly behind the Devil’s Den portion of the battlefield, if you are looking from Little Round Top. These two pictures were taken from a slightly different location, and each shows a distinct figure in the zoomed in portion below. I have done a lot of work with the paranormal in the last two years (if you are not familiar with my investigations or credibility, please click the “Paranormal” tab at the top of the page) and while I acknowledge that there is a shadowy figure of some sort there, I am not sure if I can call it a ghost.

In this picture below, it looks like a figure of a man, kind of hunched over and leaning on what looks like a cane, or possibly a rifle, since it could be a Civil War soldier:

However, in this picture, that same figure now takes the shape of a small pine tree. I do not know what kinds of trees inhabit the area, so I am throwing that out there for comparison. Tommy, and others on my Facebook who were the first to see this picture, also see other figures and shapes in both of these pictures. Please take a good look, because you may be able to spot something we don’t:

Once again, I am not confirming or denying that these are ghosts. It is up for you to be the judge. For additional work I have done in and around Gettysburg, please click here.

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  1. Frank says:

    Sorry to say this but it looks green and is foliage. In other words I see a bush. Its ok though I have taken 10,000 photos and have 1 UFO and about 2 that I can say are paranormal.

  2. Steven says:

    Didn’t think it was a ghost either. Most shadows in photos can be explained away as shadows. Unless it takes a real human shape, and doesn’t look like it was photoshopped, I am skeptical of shadow figures in photos.

    God bless!

  3. Steven says:

    I mean, “real” shadows. Oops! :/

  4. Gettysbuff says:

    yawn…it’s obviously a tree. I live in Gettysburg and went and saw it today. It frightened the hell outta me though! lol.

  5. there is a story of Barksdale’s dog finding his master’s grave after th’ War

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