History Lovers, Join the Ranks of “Reenactor Central”

With other online reenactor groups coming and going on the social network scene, I was asked to create a group myself, for reenactors and historians to network. While I am not currently a hardcore reenactor, nor do I pretend to be, I agreed to administrate a group only if someone else would create it. Last week, Jake Kessel, Ryan Townsend, and myself launched Reenactor Central on Facebook, which is a spinoff of other groups that had issues and kinks of their own. Jake and Ryan are both younger than me, and we have members who are veterans and many years older, showing how people of all ages can embrace American history. Make no mistake, though our focus is primarily for those in the field, you do not have to be a historian or reenactor to join—anyone with a love of history is welcome!

Because we have many different people, spanning both north and south, east and west, the news feed is loaded with upcoming events and the best places to buy and sell equipment and souvenirs. Have a question about history that you cannot find online? Ask it here, and you will immediately receive an answer from an expert. Many of our members have been practicing their trade for decades, and some have even written books and appeared in movies (one was even in Gettysburg and Gods and Generals…take a guess at who that is!). We have people representing the American Civil War and Revolution, and even more obscure events such as the Texas Revolution and French and Indian War. Pretty soon, we will encompass all aspects of history, which is our main goal.

We have only one simple rule, and that is for people to engage in discussions and debates in a civilized and respectful manner. If you can abide by that, you will see that we have a nice community here, that is only going to get better and larger. Our mission statement is also rather simple: “Remembering the past, preparing for the future.” Without past events, there would be no reason for reenactors, so we acknowledge that those who came before us and gave their lives for what they believed in, regardless of whether or not we believe in their cause, should be remembered and respected. We must also prepare for the future, so that other generations will fall in love with history the way we have, and pass the torch onto others. That is the only way our history will survive, and we are here to do our best to help out.

Please click here to join, and also, spread the word to those who you think may be interested!

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