“Gods and Generals” Fan Art; Looking at the Future of this Blog

With coverage of the Gods and Generals Extended Director’s Cut release and event dwindling to an close after nine enjoyable months, I thought I would share these two pieces of fan art I toyed with during the previous months. The first one, a mock film poster, I did not want to share until everything was done, so that it would not have been confused with any official posters and designs. The second, is a screen-capture of Robert E. Lee, with his most endearing quote, and one that has become my personal favorite. Please enjoy:

As for the future of this website, I wish I could say it will just be “business as usual”, but I cannot just yet. Even though I was still able to write about hockey, movies, and other current events during my coverage of G & G, I will now have to go back to the time before this all started, and see what groove I can get myself into. I will still attempt to bring interviews and opinion pieces regarding the film, but as you can already gather, there are not many actors left that I have not already spoken to or at least tried to contact and came up empty with. Maybe fate will have it that another film project will cross paths with my writing, though I think it is doubtful. There are not many movies, past, present, or future, that I would be able to put above every other subject covered on this site and go the whole-hog so to speak. I guess the best thing to do is exactly what I did with Gods and Generals—let it come to me. If there is an opportunity, I will just let everything work itself out on its own.

If you have any fan art that you designed, or would like to draw up, please feel free to share them in the comment section so that we can all enjoy them!


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