Have Fun and Win Prizes at Our “Hockey Cares!” Fundraiser

This event and all that has led up to it in the last few days is proof that one idea can lead to a snowball effect, making things happen that you never imaged would. Mother Teresa Regional School, where I coach hockey and teach the Civil War elective, is having a fundraising event to support the American Red Cross for hurricane relief in our immediate area. The school, which is located in Atlantic Highlands, has many students from nearby towns that were effected by Hurricane Irene a few weeks ago, and this is our way of giving back to the community. Originally, we were just going to have a special Saturday night event for our regular hockey games, but then I made the suggestion that we should charge a dollar or two and donate it. From there it took off, and Vinny and Ann Margret  Duminski began to work the phones, and now, we have this massive event planned for Saturday night, September 24, from 4-8:30pm.

The New Jersey Devils, who sponsor our league, are kind enough to send us former player Jim Dowd for an autograph session, as well as donations of autographed sticks of Martin Brodeur and Zach Parise for us to put up for auction. They are also bringing pucks, posters, magnets, and pre-season tickets against the Islanders and Flyers for a free giveaway, and the team’s mascot will be on-hand for entertainment and photo-ops. However, other local businesses have stepped up to the plate. When we asked if we could leave a flier, they not only allowed us to do so, but offered donations of gift items. Below is our current list of available prizes. A decision has not been made in regards to what will be auctioned and what will be door prizes, but these are some great items! We are currently in talks with other local restaurants and businesses, and hope to have an updated list by Saturday night with even more (it’s been updated three times already since I published this, so there is definitely hope for more!):

New Jersey Devils (Newark)

  • Jim Dowd autograph session
  • Martin Brodeur autographed hockey stick
  • Zach Parise autographed hockey puck
  • Pre-Season tickets to games on Sept. 30 and Oct. 1
  • Pucks, posters, and magnets

Park East Bar and Restaurant (Hazlet)

  • $50 gift certificate

The Wine Bar (Atlantic Highlands)

  • $25 gift certificate

Tab Ramos Sports Center (Aberdeen)

  • Two $50 gift certificates

Denino’s Pizza Place (Aberdeen)

  • $25 gift certificate

The Hobby Shop (Aberdeen)

  • $25 gift certificate

Eli’s Hot Bagels (Aberdeen)

  • Certificate for a dozen bagels

Pinebelt Nissan (Keyport)

  • Certificate for one auto detail service

Angela’s Pizza (Hazlet)

  • Certificate for two large plain pies

Shore Cafe (Hazlet)

  • $30 gift certificate

We also have a lot of fun events planned, including some that will give participants a chance to win prizes. There will be a skills competition as well as a “Score-O” contest. Later on in the evening, the teachers and older students will play against each other in a game. Other games, broken down by age level, will be scheduled throughout the night.

How you can help: We invite anyone and everyone to come on down and participate in this fun night. Adult admission is $2 and children are $1. Every single dollar earned that night will be donated, so your attendance and participation will help us as it is! If you own a local business or restaurant and would like to donate a gift card, no amount is too small, and please contact me at nyr1199@comcast.net or Vinny Duminski at vindi1@aol.com. If you cannot make it, and would like to send a donation, please make the check payable to the American Red Cross, and send to:

Hockey Cares

Mother Teresa Regional School

55 South Avenue

Alantic Highlands, NJ 07716

Thank you very much, and have a great day!


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