Greg and Joe’s Fourth Annual NHL Standings Predictions

My lone stat prediction of the pre-season: Steven Stamkos will accomplish something a player has not done in 19 years, score 70 goals in a season.

What would be the start of an NHL season without predictions from Joe Aiello and me? It’s hard to believe that this is four years in a row now, after we first started out with our radio show on Youcastr, before moving on to Metro-Hockey, and then later, Metro-Sports. Both of our time has been limited, and we had tried for several days to get this done via Skype. So last night, we finally had the chance to sit down and do these. It was rather difficult because not many teams got severely better or worse. Yes, there were improvements by many, and other teams lost talent, but there was nothing drastic here. Because of that, you will notice that there are not many predictions “out on a limb” as in year’s past, but it is what it is. Though we have always been skeptical of the Rangers, we will trust new captain Ryan Callahan’s prediction that the Blueshirts will be a top-4 finish in the Eastern Conference. I also want to mention that we are both sick of the constant Capitals-Sharks Stanley Cup predictions. How many years has that been customary to start a season? It’s getting old. While they will both make the playoffs, I think they will slip a little bit lower than what they are used to.

Eastern Conference

Greg’s Picks

1. Tampa Bay Lightning*

2. Philadelphia Flyers*

3. Boston Bruins*

4. New York Rangers

5. Washington Capitals

6. Pittsburgh Penguins

7. Montreal Canadiens

8. Carolina Hurricanes

9. New Jersey Devils

10. Florida Panthers

11. Buffalo Sabres

12. Toronto Maple Leafs

13. Winnipeg Jets

14. New York Islanders

15. Ottawa Senators

Joe’s Picks

1. Tampa Bay Lightning*

2. Boston Bruins*

3. New York Rangers*

4. Washington Capitals

5. Philadelphia Flyers

6. Buffalo Sabres

7. Pittsburgh Penguins

8. New Jersey Devils

9. Montreal Canadiens

10. Carolina Hurricanes

11. New York Islanders

12. Florida Panthers

13. Toronto Maple Leafs

14. Winnipeg Jets

15. Ottawa Senators

Western Conference

Greg’s Picks

1. Los Angeles Kings

2. Chicago Blackhawks

3. Vancouver Canucks

4. San Jose Sharks

5. Detroit Red Wings

6. Nashville Predators

7. Columbus Blue Jackets

8. San Jose Sharks

9. Calgary Flames

10. Phoenix Coyotes

11. Dallas Stars

12. Minnesota Wild

13. Edmonton Oilers

14. St. Louis Blues

15. Colorado Avalanche

Joe’s Picks

1. Vancouver Canucks

2. Chicago Blackhawks

3. Los Angeles Kings

4. Anaheim Ducks

5. San Jose Sharks

6. Detroit Red Wings

7. Columbus Blue Jackets

8. Nashville Predators

9. Phoenix Coyotes

10. Minnesota Wild

11. St. Louis Blues

12. Calgary Flames

13. Edmonton Oilers

14. Dallas Stars

15. Colorado Avalanche


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