What is Your Favorite Part of Halloween?

With a little bit more than a week remaining until Halloween, I thought it would be nice to have a little poll here, asking what your favorite part of the holiday is. While I doubt many of my readers here are still old enough for trick-or-treating, I suppose many still enjoy the candy. It seems, though, on my block, we get less and less visitors every year. I remember, it was either two or three years ago, when we had a whopping seven people come to our house over the course of the afternoon and early evening. Last year, we had a little more than ten. This leads us to having to buy candy that we enjoy, because there are sure to be tons of leftovers!

Because I have no work or school on Halloween this year, I plan on devoting the day to a horror movie marathon, probably something that will extend to the week prior as well. Every year, it is an absolute must that I watch the original version of The Omen, as well as its sequel, Damien (can’t beat Gregory Peck and William Holden in these two!). Then comes Francis Ford Coppola’s Dracula (even though I’m not a big fan), and Carl Theodore Dryer’s creepy and age-defying Vampyr, a film clearly made ahead of its time. If there is time during the week, then I will try to squeeze in Dominion: Prequel to the Exorcist, the film that was originally made as Exorcist: The Beginning, before the producers decided to re-shoot the entire film, while changing a few cast members. It was finally released a year later, straight to DVD and with little fanfare, ironically getting better acclaim from fans and critics than the real film, released in 2004. Lastly, of course, on Halloween itself, will come The Exorcist, which I will be watching on Blu Ray for the first time. It is one of my favorite films, and I cannot wait to see it in HD. I bought it a month ago, and have been saving it.

Hopefully during this week, I will also have time to watch some of the documentaries in my History Channel paranormal box set. It just is not October without a viewing of Harry Smith’s Haunted History of Halloween, from the late 1990’s. There are also some specials about zombies, vampires, and haunted houses on there that I will need to find the time for.

All this talk of Halloween brings back memories from when I was little. I never really liked the action of walking around all afternoon and into the night, but it sure paid off when I got home and dumped ten pounds of candy onto the table. When I got a little bit older, in high school, my friends and I then shifted to watching AMC’s movie marathon, you know, back when the channel was actually good. I have not even checked out their lineup this year, because I’m sure I will find nothing but disappointment. Last year, I don’t even think they showed Halloween on Halloween. But I will thank them, though, for introducing me to that series, and more importantly, the acting of Donald Pleasance, which is the only reason I could ever find to watch such predictable and plot-less horror movies. The 4th one was the first one I ever saw, and it remains my favorite.

So even though the childhood fun has been taken away, this is still a great time of year. The summer heat and humidity is gone, and the leaves are beginning to turn in the crisp air of the oncoming winter. For us ghost hunters, there is an energy in the air on Halloween night and the day after, All Soul’s Day, and that itself is enough to make me look forward to this day. If you try really hard, you can just sense the spiritual activity—you do not need to be a psychic to have an experience.

I now invite you to vote in this multiple choice poll, and feel free to talk it up in the comment section below! We would love to hear about your own personal traditions, and what you will be doing this year!

6 thoughts on “What is Your Favorite Part of Halloween?

  1. Steve

    Hey Greg, nothing like a real life paranormal hunt…..Pennsylvania seems to be calling us this year, yet ther are some places right here in New Jersey that fit the billing!

  2. greg

    Here’s something I think you might find interesting…I was sitting reading my fb news feed on my not so smart phone, looking at the latest NY Ranger rants by the usual suspects when I came across this article
    I asked my wife if shed heard of this, and surprisingly she said nonchalantly that they were doing that everywhere! I thought for a minute how could they do this,what about the Costume parade,where will my nephews and nieces show off there customes , where will the other parents stand so proudly as they have done in the past showing off and admiring all the other trick or treaters. in an attempt to be sooo PC, have they just taken the fun out of everything???

    1. It’s ridiculous. I may have to write an article on it!

      When I was in elementary school, costumes were encouraged. You just were not allowed to wear masks or bring in anything that looked like a weapon. The day was actually a lot of fun, and if Halloween fell on a weekend, we wore our costumes on the Friday before. When the district changed everyone’s schools around, when I went into 5th grade, all of a sudden we were told that wearing costumes was for the smaller kids only. Then when middle school and high school came around, it was encouraged again (strange, I know).

      I can understand no masks or anything objectionable, but to ban costumes all together is insane. Halloween is no longer a religious festivity, it is a universal and fun one. These kids are going to grow up not being able to have any “fun” in school. That’s the real tragedy.

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