The War on Christmas: Does it Really Exist?

Over the last few years, it has become ever-apparent that the Christmas season has undergone drastic changes. Long gone are the days when we can exclaim “Merry Christmas” to the general population, for fear of someone being offended. Everything has now shifted to “Happy Holidays” and “Seasons Greetings”; schools now have a week off for “Winter Break”. Just like everything else in this country, the situation has turned into a political soapbox. Those deemed liberal get their chance to step up and denounce the wishing of a certain holiday’s greeting to the masses, while those who society sees as conservative shove that person to the ground and climb up on the proverbial box to speak exactly the opposite. It is because of this hotbed that I address you today with a question regarding a phrase we are hearing more and more: is there really a war on Christmas?

Conservatives and liberals never cease to amaze in the types of arguments they can create to lambast each other, and the Christmas season, has unfortunately become one of them. Everyone can agree that times have changed, and political correctness has become the moniker of our generation, for better or for worse. Everyone can agree, that whether or not the war actually exists is irrelevant to society; the fact is, the reason for even having Christmas, the celebration of the coming of Jesus Christ to those who are Christian, has been largely forgotten. But who is doing the forgetting? Why, it is the Christians themselves who are to blame. The die-hard conservatives want to quickly blame the atheists and Muslims for their little war, but in reality, it is their own people, their own Christians, who are really at fault. Atheists have never celebrated Christmas, nor have Muslims, or Jews, or Buddhists, so they are not all of a sudden going to create a war. All these people want is to have nothing to do with a holiday that they do not celebrate, which is perfectly legal, being that we have a supposed freedom of religion in this country, unless you are a member of the GOP; then you must be Christian. There is no war, except from the fringe, fanatical members of perhaps the ACLU and organizations like them, but there are fanatics to every religion, and every group.

We look at the Christmas season today as a time for shopping and giving gifts. Who does the Christmas shopping, one of the biggest economic boosts of the year? Christians. Who is more at fault, the evil liberals who have made it their mantra to oppose big business and capitalism, or the capitalistic-loving conservatives, whose businesses made the shopping season start the day after Halloween, and continue right up until the very end with ridiculous store hours and annoying commercials? Who is really to blame? Politics as usual, is the culprit, because people cannot simply face a situation and want to correct it, they would rather blame someone else. Christianity is at war with itself. Church members are finding themselves more and more at odds with their clergymen in power, according to polls on recent social and political issues. People see hypocrisy located in religion, and unlike in years’ past, where people bit their tongue, they are not standing for it any more; they are just going to get up and leave. The church is dwindling, and I see it every week, when, for normal masses, you can shoot a cannonball through the building and not hit anyone, then, for Christmas and Easter, the black sheep return, and the church is full to the brim.

If conservatives and the religious want to end this so-called war, then they have to do it by addressing their own, inner problems. Perhaps, churches can make themselves more appealing by actually sticking to the doctrine of the greatest practitioner of peace in world history rather than spewing messages of hate, intolerance, and politics. Even after all of that, I can see both sides. I can see why Christians are upset that the times have changed, and they are not the center of attention anymore. But why create this conflict out of nothing? You can say “Merry Christmas” to people if you really want, rather than seethe in anger and say “Happy Holidays” just to show that you cannot say the former anymore. If you really want to change things, than just go ahead and do it, rather than bring it to the public forum for more debate, where nothing will get done. Or is all hope lost for religion? Has the real meaning been truly cast aside just to prove a political point? My hope has been lost, I assure you, to the point where I do not even know why I go to church anymore. All I see is bickering, on the news and on the internet. There is nothing but anger in society, and what is the reason? Is there even one? This Christmas season, I truly hope that there will be some peace and quiet in regards to politics, as opposed to the nausea from them that has occurred in recent weeks during yet another thrilling election run. There is no reason to be hopeful anymore for religion, I fear, so maybe there really is a war in all of this, one being fought between Christians and themselves.


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