4 comments on “Previewing “1863” Part I: An Upcoming Film about the Civil War

  1. The biggest problem with all the Civil War movies has been the lack of realism. It is as though only 100 Union soldiers and 100 Confederate soldiers fought in a 100-square foot arena with a beautiful landscape in the background. I am hoping that with CGI, the 1863 film’s backgrounds will be filled in with military activity and landscapes that look like real battles have destroyed the trees and ground cover.

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  3. I ama filmmaker and a Civil War Re-enactor. I would love to be involved in this project. I too am in early stages of development of a civil war film based on the works of Stephen Crane and Ambrose Bierce. I am part of a new and small unit of the 4th VA Co. E out of Northern VA and we are a young bunch. I have a degree in filmmaking and I am an artist. I love this time period and would like to be part of making accurate films about the Civil War.

  4. Hello, my name is Robert Langford. I have been a civil war reenactor and buff for years. I portray a U.S. Civil War Chaplain and currently am a Junior at Liberty University in Virginia working on my B.S. in Religion. Prior to this, I built and commanded my own authentic full scale Parrot Rifle and crew. I would love to be involved with the filming of 1863 if at all possible. Although not an actor, I was cast as the male lead in two of the four high school plays I participated in. Please add me to your update list and keep me up on what sounds like a great project.

    In His service,

    Robert Langford

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