The Copperhead Chronicles: Casting Call Open

Having already written about the basic info surrounding Ron Maxwell’s next production, titled, Copperhead, I thought I would create a new column that would follow the progress of the production that is currently slated to begin in May. Let’s just call it “The Copperhead Chronicles” for now, which will bring you the latest information about the film, that I hope will mirror my Gods and Generals coverage, though I can’t promise anything. This next post is a small one, as it was something that I found accidentally. There is apparently a casting call open for the film, which really is not major news in itself, but because I know a few experienced actors visit this blog on occasion, I thought I would share it any way. The information can be found on About Casting:

I assume this does not cover extras and reenactors, because that call usually comes at a much later time in the production, like we saw here with Lincoln, and what we will see in the coming months with To Appomattox. Hopefully, if everything stays on track and production really does begin in May, that means we only have around three months left before we hopefully start seeing some real information. The link to my previous post about the film has been placed in the opening paragraph, but if you are pressed for time, the basics are as follows: the film will be produced and directed by Ron Maxwell, with the screenplay coming from Bill Kauffman, based on a series of newspaper articles from 1893.


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