Giants, Patriots, & New York Rangers Hockey on Super Bowl Sunday: Will History Repeat?

For the New York Rangers this afternoon, history repeated itself, because the last time they played on a Super Bowl Sunday, they won on the same day that the New York Giants and New England Patriots squared off in one of the most memorable football games in recent history, four years ago. With the atmosphere in New York swelling around the big game on February 3, 2008, the Rangers headed up to Montreal where they got off to a very slow start, falling behind 3-0. But very quickly, the game started to turn around, and the Rangers made sure that the Giants were not the only New York team to win that day. After goals by Michal Rozsival, Brandon Dubinsky, and Scott Gomez to tie the game after two periods, the Rangers then went ahead and steamrolled the Canadiens in their home building (an extreme rarity) with two third period goals, scored by Chris Drury and Martin Straka. The feeling we felt after this game was complete elation, because Montreal’s arena had (and still has) always proved to be a House of Horrors. The happy feeling would only be eclipsed for Giants’ fans later in the day, as they defeated the Patriots, ending their incredible undefeated season.

Not being a fan of football (in fact, this is the first time the word has even been written on this blog in its nearly two-year existence), I can honestly say that I really do not care who wins the big game tonight. I will be pulling for the Giants, but only in spirit as I will only watch the fourth quarter. The reason for this is because they are a New York team, and there are plenty of Giants fans at the school I’ve been working at, and their victory is sure to allow for a festive atmosphere all week long. It seems the experts are split on who will ultimately win, but if history has anything to say about it, then it is the Giants who will be victorious. Nearly four years ago to the day, the Rangers and Giants won, and now this afternoon, the Rangers have won again, 5-2 over the Philadelphia Flyers. In just a four year difference, the Rangers have only five skaters on the current roster who played in that game in Montreal (Callahan, Staal, Dubinsky, Lundqvist, and Girardi), and ironically, one of them scored today—Brandon Dubinsky. Henrik Lundqvist was also in net for both games, and the amount of goals they scored, five, is also a match.

So, I would like to wish everyone good luck with their respective teams tonight. Eat plenty of unhealthy snacks and enjoy the game. Hopefully all New York fans will be happy for one reason or another. I am just glad that the Rangers pulled one out in a vintage display of aggression and intensity against the Flyers, which ended up being the perfect opening act for today’s wild array of events.


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