7 comments on “NHL Trade Deadline Buzz: Columbus Showing Interest in Rangers

  1. ok i’m going off topic again here, Greg. (Sorry!) I just noticed that “Glory” is on TV Friday night and so i’ve set the DVR as i haven’t seen it in a while. Please could you do a review of it before then and post it to your site? If you can’t be bothered or you don’t have time then that’s fine, but i would still like to hear some quick thoughts in a nutshell. I’ve heard lots of varying opinions on how accurate/innacurate it is, and some say while it’s not 100% accurate, it’s the most accurate Civil War movie ever made…in terms of what actually happened and not necessarily in terms of uniforms or other minutiae. For example, i know that Shaw would not have whipped Denzel’s character in reality (but if he didn’t in the movie then Denzel may not have won the Oscar), but the actual battle stuff and what transpired is supposed to be pretty much dead-on.

    • I’ve seen the movie before and can probably do a review sometime in the future. It’s a very good movie. At first glance, it looks like an accurate movie. I have not studied it in depth like Gods and Generals or Gettysburg to comment on what inaccuracies there actually are; I’m sure there are a few. What I do know is, none of the black soldiers in the film are real people. That kind of ruins it for me. You would think they could have based it on the actual soldiers that fought and died with Shaw.

      • ok thanks. I’ll look forward to reading that if and when you eventually do that. That is a shame about what you said about the soldiers. I didn’t know that.

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