Do You Believe in Horoscopes? Well, Maybe You Should

I was never one to actually sit down and read a horoscope. Whenever I  read through a newspaper, I go right to the sports section and then backtrack to the front to see which one of our politicians has said or done something stupid on that particular day. The horoscope section is almost always passed over, except for when I might laugh something off. I know there are many people who take these readings for the gospel, hanging on their every word of prediction, and that is their prerogative, but for me, it was nothing but nonsense, until, that is, I sat down and read through one of the many books I have in the Time Life best-selling series from the 1980’s and 90’s called Mysteries of the Unknown, the book in particular being “Cosmic Connections”. I have written about this set before, because they are so factual and enthralling, something very rarely accomplished today when dealing with the supernatural or unexplained. Authors seem to sacrifice fact for entertainment, or vice versa, but this series tends to have it all in each edition. Anyway, as I was flipping through the chapters on the different mysteries there are between people and becoming in tune with the universe, I came to a lavishly illustrated section on horoscopes, one for each sign. I went to the Cancer section, my sign, since I was born on July 2, and began reading. I thought to myself, if I was ever going to read something about this stuff, this would be it. Then, I read a few sentences that really caught my attention.

In this horoscope analysis taken from ancient texts read the following: “Cancerians are tradition bound, tied to the past, fearful of the future and the unknown.” Well, here is where my interest began, though this could relate to anyone. I tend to love traditions and obviously, given my historical interests, you can say I am tied to, or heavily invested in the past. While, I may not be fearful of the future and what changes may come, when I get sucked into a routine, I get pretty annoyed when I have to change it, this in regards to anything about my daily schedule. But then it continued on, “Memory of Cancerians is one of their special gifts…[they] love all things old; they cling to old possessions and old ways. They are wonderfully retentive; thus they make fine historians, caretakers of the past.”

Well, this is where I finally started to buy into it. While the rest of the chapter did not say anything that sparked my mind, nothing in life is ever 100%. In regards to my memory, I would say that it is pretty good. My one friend who runs the hockey league I coach at (perhaps he is reading now) always mentions how I can remember certain stats from seasons past, or what players did what during a game, something no one else would remember. I also like to teach my lessons or give lectures for 40-60 minutes, my longest being two hours, without the use of notes. Though every historian or speaker should be able to do this, that leads to the last point present in the article, about Cancerians making great historians. That was the final straw for me, that perhaps there is something to being born under a certain planetary alignment after all. While technically, one has to have a graduate degree to get professionally recognized as a historian, I still consider myself one, or at least one in the making. As for the mention of old possessions, I don’t know if I have mentioned this before, but I love to go into antique stores. Though my economic situation relegates me to do more looking than buying, I am nevertheless fascinated by how people lived, and the tools they used to do so.

I am not going to jump to conclusions here and start reading horoscopes on a daily basis, but I am going to respect those that do, just because this general one came from using ancient texts and historical resources, not haphazardly thrown together on a website or for a magazine just to make a buck. I am a firm believer that the ancients knew more than we do and were definitely more in tune with the universe and supernatural than we can ever hope to be. So the lesson learned from all this? Whether you believe or not, go check out a general horoscope for yourself. Try to get it from a book or legitimate database, because you just may be surprised by what you find!

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