FNYTSF News: A Couple of Milestones; Follow Us on Facebook & Twitter

Hope everyone is having a great day—the weekend is almost here! Just a quick little post to update you all on what has been going on, here on From New York to San Francisco:

  • In the past few days, we reached a couple of milestones. On Monday, we eclipsed 250,000 views, this being done in a little bit less than two years, as that anniversary will be coming up this March 13. We have seen an increase in numbers with each passing month and year, so it seems, and are now averaging more than 600 visitors a day, which is the highest daily average since what was experienced in May of last year, during the height of my Gods and Generals coverage. The total views from 2011 were 167,467, and in these first two months of 2012, monthly averages have been close to 14,000. There really is no explanation for this sudden spike (the last 10 days have all had more than 700 views each) because my blog posts have been back to wide-ranging instead of something specific—you know, hockey one day, history the next. Nevertheless, we will definitely take it! Also, my most recent article, posted earlier today on horoscopes, was our 600th post.
  • Even though this has been mentioned before, I just wanted to formally invite you to follow this blog on both Facebook and Twitter, so you will never miss a posting. I would like to get the Facebook following to 100 “likes” by the summer, and we are currently at 52. Thanks in advance!
  • As for what direction this blog will take in the immediate future, that will all depend on the progress of the To Appomattox and Copperhead productions, as you know, we are just chomping at the bit for those, to bring you the latest information and coverage. But, until then, I guess we will just have to roll with the tide and see so many different topics intermixed with each other.

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