FNYTSF News: “Gods and Generals” Trivia Contest Coming in March

On March 13, this blog will be celebrating it’s two year anniversary, and so I thought that would be the perfect occasion for us to have our very first trivia contest! Being that the Gods and Generals Extended Director’s Cut has been such a prominent topic here, the trivia questions will be related to the film. There will be 10, maybe 15 questions, with every answer findable on this site, whether in the many interviews or opinion and news articles located in the archive and Civil War section. Actor Patrick Gorman, who played Confederate General John Bell Hood, in both this film and Gettysburg, has kindly agreed to donate an autographed picture, which will be our grand prize.

Though I do not have the questions and exact format yet, it will go something along the lines of if you answer 80% of the questions correctly, it makes you eligible to win the prize, with eligible contestants having their names placed in a kepi, and the winner picked from there, unless only one person answers them all, and no one else does, which is unlikely. Any way, it should be a lot of fun! Questions will be posted on March 13, and you will have two weeks to find the answers. Stay tuned!

UPDATE (2/23 @ 9:20 pm): I just received an email from actor Fred Griffith who played General Robert Rodes. He has offered to send an autograph as well, and we will be using that as our second prize! We will also be conducting an interview very shortly. His help is greatly appreciated!

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  1. Gettysbuff says:


    Well done, Greg!

  2. I might have to get in on this. Fantastic!

  3. I’m sure the both of you will place amongst the top of all participants!

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