Is There a Ghost in My House?

I’m no stranger to the paranormal. I consider myself a veteran now, who can withstand even the most strangest of occurrences, but that happened to go out the window and unnerve me when something happened a lot closer to home, and by that, I mean my home.

Last Thursday, it was seven in the morning and my mom was downstairs in the kitchen. I was still sleeping and my dad was in the shower, and my mom had just finished plating a tray of cookies that she wanted to wrap up with colored string. She went into the closet to get it, being very careful as to not let our cat Lawrence see it, since he loves string and would be jumping all over the place. However, he was busy staring out the window at the birds and squirrels in the living room, which you can see into from the kitchen, though there is a half-wall divider that separates the two rooms. She wrapped up the tray and put it to the side, leaving the leftover string sitting crumpled up on the counter. She had to go upstairs to do something, so knowing that Lawrence did not see the string come out, and even if he did, he would not be able to see up onto the counter to get it, she left the string and went upstairs.

A few minutes later, she returned to find the string missing. She looked around the kitchen, thinking maybe it fell off the counter, but it was not there. She quickly glanced at Lawrence in the other room, and he was still looking out the window. Thinking she was losing her mind, she made a quick search of all the downstairs rooms, to see if maybe she misplaced it. Again, no string was found. That was when she finally decided to actually go into the living room where Lawrence was, and she did, looking down at the coffee table, only to find the string there, stretched out in a straight line from end to end on top of the table. This obviously startled her, and she did not tell me until that night. She kept going over all the possibilities of what may have caused that, and I told her there was only one. She did not want to hear about it, because listening to ghost stories from a house twenty minutes away is a lot different than when there may be one in our own home.

After all, what else could have caused it? The coffee table is located at least twenty feet away from the counter. That rules out even the strongest of drafts. If Lawrence was the one who actually moved it, he would have been wrapped up in it, rolling on the floor gnawing at it like he does every other time, not gingerly carrying it over, jumping up on a table, and then laying it out perfectly in a straight line. There is no other explanation besides something of the paranormal nature. I am not saying my house is haunted, but it is possible that there was a ghost there that day, and maybe the days following. Late that night, and two nights later, I had the strangest feeling that I was being watched as I laid in bed. I was nervous at first, but then I noticed that the energy did not seem negative or evil, so I fell asleep. I heard a few noises too, but that could have been anything.

So, where did the ghost come from? I have not been to the museum for a few weeks, but nevertheless, it was very strange, and I am going to try to see if it happens again, by leaving out some more string on the counter. Until next time, folks…


6 thoughts on “Is There a Ghost in My House?

  1. Bringing home stray spirits is never a good thing. They may be pretending to be playful and even making friends with your cat, at first. Then the mood may shift.
    I am psychic and I never want anyone to attach to me. They may alter your energy level or mood. They may even lead you to drugs, alcohol or risky behavior.
    They are observing everyone for now. I am not certain what changes may begin with their behavior.
    If it does become negative please find help. There are books and websites about psychic vampires or psychic attachments.
    The sad truth is that this happens more often than people realize.

    Did the uniforms lay dormant for a long time? I sense a male in his early 20’s. He is wringing his hands and watching. At this point I do not feel that he has decided what his intentions will be. He definitely finds this situation interesting.
    I also sense that he is gaining strength. That means he is siphoning energy from one of you, maybe even the cat. Is someone in your home feeling more tired or even mildly ill? That is this man using what energy he finds available. If he has a more pronounced effect on his human host you will definitely need to banish him.

    This situation is not fun or cute. He feels that you admire him and he feels respected. Don’t give him too much power, please.

      1. Great! I hope he goes with them.

        He obviously favors your mom and she would have less anxiety and greater privacy if she didn’t have an awkward, misdirected admirer.

        He stands in the kitchen in the far right corner if you are coming in from the living room. Please light a white candle and leave it on the counter in that corner. Make sure when you light the candle that you tell the universe that you are cleansing your home of unwanted energy Even after you feel he is gone keep lighting that candle for a while so he is not able to change his mind and come back in.

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