Vandals Deface Statue at Gettysburg National Military Park

Where there is a vast spot of land for people to walk around in and enjoy the beauty of today, and stop and reflect on the violence and bloodshed of many years ago, there are people who want to ruin that, to deface the statues that stand in memoriam for the some 53,000 men who were killed or wounded at the battle of Gettysburg. This report from yesterday comes directly from Gettysburg National Military Park, with the image of what happened located above:

On February 29, 2012, park staff found that the 2nd Andrews Sharpshooter (Mass.) monument at Gettysburg National Military Park on Sickles Avenue south of the Wheatfield had been sprayed with blue paint. The park’s monument preservation crew removed some of the paint yesterday (2/29) and will go back again later this morning to try to remove the rest of it using a micro abrasive cleaner. Gettysburg National Military Park law enforcement rangers are investigating. We have no suspects at this point. If anyone in the public saw anything or knows anything that would help us in this investigation we ask them to contact the park at 717-334-1124, Ext. 4490.

There are not many things related to history that can be more disrespectful than this, and thankfully, the Park Service stepped up and was able to remove all of the paint within a day. I hope that the person or people that did this will be found. Hopefully, someone witnessed something or has some information. If you do and are reading this, please call the number they provided above.

2 thoughts on “Vandals Deface Statue at Gettysburg National Military Park

  1. I lived in G-burg for a few years, and graduated from the High School there. While tourist season could be a pain in the ass, this really pisses me off because it means that some punk doesn’t value the history of where s/he lives.

  2. Gettysbuff

    I live in Gettysburg as you may (or may not!) already know. Unfortunately vandalism is a not a new thing to the area and the first instance – believe it or not – actually occured not long after the Park was first established back in 1895. There has always been vandalism in this world, just like there have always been thieves and prostitutes, since probably the dawn of time. Why it has to exist i do not know. The sad thing is that these people are rarely caught – so don’t get your hopes up Greg – and i have only heard of one successful arrest amongst all the incidents over the years.

    Everytime something like this happens it makes me wonder who would do such a thing. Are they a Gettysburg College student? Are they an Angry Redneck Neo-Confederate Southerner with abnormally high levels of testosterone? Were they intoxicated? Or are they just deranged? It seems if you talk to anyone in town or do your research, the general (although not necessarily correct) consensus seems to point towards Gettysburg College Frat boys or Sorority girls (or a combo of both) that do this sort of thing as part of a rite or ‘hazing’. Whether that’s true or not i guess nobody will ever know for sure unless the person(s) responsible are caught (which i sincerely hope they are but i’m certainly not gonna hold my breath). Whatever kind of person(s) did this, and for whatever reason(s), they are still truly amongst the sickest people to exist in this country right now.

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