The Ghost in My House Has Been Identified; Not What We Expected

Not related to the haunting, just a picture of my cat getting into trouble last year.

It may have taken a few weeks, but we finally found out exactly who, or what, has been haunting our house. As it turns out, the entity is not human at all, but a cat. Yes, that’s right: we have ourselves a ghost cat. Now, this may come as a surprise to those who are not heavily involved with the paranormal, but let me tell you, I really was not that shocked when my mom told me what she saw one afternoon. Then when I saw it along with a friend the next day, I was completely sold. So anyway, yes, cats can have spirits. We actually have one at the museum I work at. It came out one time during a séance, when people sitting around the table felt a cat curling up against their legs, winding in and out, one at a time. It also shows up every now and then, as one of our trustees, who has a severe allergy to cats, begins to cough and sneeze out of nowhere, before the fit goes away as quickly as it came.

Back to my situation, it was last Tuesday afternoon when my mom (which the first occurrence happened to) felt a cat brush up against the back of her legs when she was standing in the living room. Not thinking anything of it, she continued with what she was doing. Then, out of the corner of her eye, she saw the cat again, but this time, turned around quickly, only to see nothing. She walked into the family room and saw Lawrence, once again occupied by looking out the window at the birds in our yard, something he does all day long. She shook off what happened as a coincidence, or just Lawrence taking a break, but later in the day, when she was sitting on the couch watching TV, also with a view into the kitchen, she clearly saw a cat walk from the dining room and into the kitchen, this time, our cat being right at her side. There was no mistaken identity here.

Later that night, when I came home from coaching hockey, I had not heard the story. When I first walked in the door, I saw a cat sitting up on our pool table. It was dark in the room, but I definitely saw a silhouette. Looking back on it, I remember clearly thinking, “Lawrence never goes up there. He hasn’t gone up there since we first got him last year”. The reason for this is, every time he would hop up there, I would pick him up and put him down on the floor, because I did not want him walking up there. We did this so many times that he just does not do it anymore. When I saw him, I continued walking into the kitchen, and as soon as I began to enter the room, Lawrence came from the other direction to rub up against my leg. Not being in the most jovial mood because my team had lost, I did not think anything of it, until I heard the story about an hour later.

The next night, my friend Brett was over (who has been on several investigations with me) and we were in the family room, ironically watching an episode of Haunted History, when I saw his head quickly turn to look at the kitchen. Because I noticed this out of the corner of my eye, I too turned my head and looked, just in time to see a cat walk from the same spot my mom saw. I asked him, “You saw that too, right?” and he said yes. We quickly got up and walked in, searching every inch of the kitchen, including the bottom cabinets, and Lawrence was nowhere to be found. A little while later, I went upstairs and Lawrence was sound asleep in my closet.

Other than these three sightings, I have not seen anything else, but have heard a few noises, including one yesterday while I was eating lunch. I was sitting down and Lawrence was on the window sill right next to me. I then heard a clip-clop like sound that was so loud, Lawrence actually turned his head and looked. I did not get up, but I sat silently for a few seconds and heard nothing else. Whenever I am in the kitchen, I do get the feeling that something is around me, even if nothing happens. I must say, it is a bit more comforting knowing its a cat and not some disgruntled soldier or anything like that (whatever will keep the people in my house calm; they can believe what they want). I still ask myself if a ghost cat could have caused the incident with the string, written about previously in the article linked above, but I suppose it is possible.

The only question now remains: what cat is it? Is this a ghost cat that followed me home? Is it the spirit of one of my own cats that died in our house many years ago? Lawrence is the first cat we have had in all the years since our other two passed away, and although we have had him a year, perhaps the spirits are finally comfortable enough to come out and play. Only time will tell, but at least we have something concrete here.

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  1. Charis says:

    I was reading a book written by a psychic recently. She can see and communicate with earthbound spirits…apparently. Anyway, she said cats are the worst for refusing to ‘cross-over.’

    I imagine its like when a cat owner opens a door to let the cat in or out and the cat always stops on the threshold and rubs against the door frame. Like they are trying to prove they are the alpha of the family since they are forcing you to stand with the door open.

    So, the psychic in the book said that she will often instruct spirits that are about to cross-over to carry a cat with them just to get them across. Plausible?

    1. That sounds about right. Cats have always been held in high regard where the supernatural is concerned. Makes perfect sense that could be it. Thanks for the comment. GC

  2. Rene says:

    I sought out “ghost cat in my house” on Google after more than six weeks of the EXACT same experiences that you are having! I found this blog after doing said search, and I was so relieved to hear someone was experiencing what we have.

    We have three cats, so it took us a bit to realize there was a FOURTH cat in the mix. My friend who works for me in my home office saw the cat we now call “Scoobs” first. She at first thought it was one of our two tabbies, George. She then realized George was asleep on the back of the office chair. She then thought she had just seen Bones, our other tabby, but then realized he was still outside. She brushed it off.

    After seeing him again sitting on the end of our bed (and like your occurrences, we never see him full on – it’s always out of the corner of our eye or via peripheral vision), my friend finally told me what she had seen with a bit of trepidation.

    I then said to her, “remember that night I texted you about the weird thing that happened to me in my bathroom???” It was Mother’s Day, and I was standing in my bathroom brushing my hair. There was a towel hanging over the shower rod, and suddenly, it started swinging wildly back and forth – exactly like a towel would if a cat jumped up and grabbed it. So my first thought was “which cat is that,” but none of my cats have ever done anything like that, and the bathroom door was closed. There was nothing there, and the towel finally slowed down and came to a stop. My first thought was it could have been my mother given it was Mother’s Day and she had passed. But I also checked for easier explanations – my hair dryer wasn’t going. The window was shut so no drafts (though it would have had to have been a GAIL force wind as hard as that towel was swinging). The A/C wasn’t on. I couldn’t explain it and immediately texted my friend about what had happened. Not more than a month later, we had our first sightings of “Scoobs.” At no time did I ever think “ghost cat,” even though my first thought had been “cat” when that towel started to swing. No I had my explanation.

    It took me longer to get a glimpse of Scoobs, but I have since seen him running from our family room, sometimes with another cat in hot pursuit. I’ve seen him run from the master bathroom.

    We also experience brushing up against our legs and realize no cat is around. Our other cats will stare at what appears to be nothing. One cat jumped for no reason at his bowl one morning and looked around as though he had been brushed or touched by something.

    The most unsettling thing that happens is I can FEEL a cat walking on my bed sometimes at night. You know the feeling. It was really INTENSE last night, thus why I sought out others who may have experienced this. My cat George was at the end of the bed, and in the dark, I could see him lying still and watching EXACTLY the path I could feel another cat walking. Around my feet, up the right side of the bed where my back was facing, over my pillow……I finally had to turn the light on because I was so weirded out! I knew the other two cats weren’t in the room, and the bedroom door was shut, but I had to look anyway.

    We’ve lived in this house 2 1/2 years and had all three cats the entire time, so I don’t know why this cat is making his presence known now. The neighborhood is chock full of cats, so I suppose it could be one that passed and just decided it was a cat-friendly place to hang out. My husband and I are divorcing, and I also wonder if the upside down energy in the house might have brought this kitty in.

    I wish I had some way of verifying this kitty’s existence. I don’t want to do something I’m not trained to do, but I’d love to try to find some proof he’s here.

    Thanks for listening to my story and for sharing yours so I don’t feel like a complete crazed lunatic! LOL

    1. Great story and a really cool experience. Thank you for sharing, and for reading my blog post! GC

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