The Copperhead Chronicles: Fan Interest in the Film is Definitely There

Perhaps the greatest feature of using WordPress as a blog is the one they have called the “Dashboard”, where bloggers can keep track of all these neat statistics pertaining to the articles they have written, such as how many reads a certain one gets on a given day, and now, what country people are clicking from. But the best of these, in my opinion, are two called “Referrers” and “Search Engine Terms”. The first of these allows me to see if a person found my site from clicking on a link that was posted on another website, or even sent in an email to someone else. Relax, this is not Big Brother watching—I cannot see your email or any specific information whatsoever, it just tells me what service the person is using, I.E, today I had two referrers from Comcast or AOL, something along those lines. The second of the two features tells me what people typed into any search engine to find my this blog. While FNYTSF is free and I do not make any money off of it, it is nevertheless fascinating, and definitely gives some insight into the business and marketing world of what the director of Copperhead calls the “blogosphere”. Why am I telling you this, you are wondering? Well, because the last few months have shown me that the interest is definitely there for Ron Maxwell’s upcoming film about the Civil War.

Every single day for the past three or four months, ever since I started this column called “The Copperhead Chronicles”, I have had referrers from various search engines typing in the title of the film as well as the director’s name, and even some with questions such as who is in the cast, filming locations, and how to get involved. While I can only help you out with one of those, as casting began earlier this week, it shows people are curious, if not starving, for this project and the subject it pertains to. As an example, today alone, this is what people have typed in to find this blog (each one of these containing multiple people typing in the same words, I might add):

  • copperheads civil war movie nb
  • civil war copperhead locations
  • copperhead casting call
  • copperhead casting
  • civil war copperhead
  • copperheads civil war
  • ron maxwell copperhead
  • castings info for copperhead a ron maxwell film
  • civil war movie copperhead
  • copperhead ron maxwell
  • the copperhead movie being made in new brunswick
  • bill kauffman, based on harold frederic’s
  • copperhead casting fredericton

Now, none of this may mean anything to the casual reader, but because I know people involved with the film either are, or will be, reading this blog, I wanted to share this in case it helps with marketing, financing or trying to prove to a studio that there is enough interest for this film, which appears to be a smaller budget, independent film, to be made. The only other two movies that have drawn more readers onto my dashboard since the beginning of 2012 are, as you can guess, Gods and Generals, and its sequel which has not even been made (and with no current plans to be), The Last Full Measure. Until next time, folks…

UPDATE: Please click here to be redirected to the special page devoted entirely to the film. Every article written about it will be posted there for easier access to the latest information.

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