Musical Monday: The Doors and “The End”

Hope everyone had a great Easter Weekend, and will have an even better oncoming Spring Break! We’re starting off the week with some music that is a little bit of doom-and-gloom, but how can you not like The Doors on a Monday morning? “Light My Fire” is probably my favorite song by them, but this song, “The End”, is a close second, because of the imagery, relaxing tone of music, and of course, the hauntingly brilliant and poetic lyrics sung by the master song-orator himself, Jim Morrison. I also just love the title of the song, so plain, but telling you exactly what you are going to get. I also plan to have some fun with this on Facebook when December rolls around, and we near closer to the Mayan Apocalypse. You can expect to see this video posted every single day with the phrase “One Day Closer…” labeling the top. As you know already, I love to mess with people, and there are probably plenty who think I’m serious every time I mention how thankful I am that the world is ending in December because of how stupid the human race has become. Rest assured, though, I am not one of those loons (but I will certainly use it to my advantage to get blog hits as we get closer to the date; hey, if the History Channel can do it, so can I). Now it’s time for the music:

Hope everyone enjoyed that amazing song! We’re off to a great week already! Now where’s my coffee?


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