Politically Incorrect and Loving It (Vol. 2): Ozzie Guillen Comments on Fidel Castro

The manager of the Miami Marlins, Ozzie Guillen, is famous for shooting off his mouth and saying things that he should not have. He is known as an intense and hot-tempered guy who sometimes goes a step too far, but generally, all is forgiven because his comments have stuck to the baseball diamond over the years. Well, now Mr. Guillen is in hot water yet again for some comments he made regarding Cuban Dictator Fidel Castro, which have landed him a team-implemented five-game suspension. The three sentence utterance apparently sent shockwaves through the Marlins’ organization, Major League Baseball, and most importantly to the team, the large Cuban population in the Miami area. Take a look, ladies and gentlemen, at these grotesque and suspension-worthy comments:

“I respect Fidel Castro. You know why? A lot of people have wanted to kill Fidel Castro for the last 60 years, but that son of a [expletive] is still there.”

Let me first start off by saying that I in no way support or respect Fidel Castro personally, however, I just find a couple of things funny about the situation. For starters, the news articles decrying Guillen for bringing back images of a brutal dictator who thrust his country into isolation and oppression through murder, torture, and absolute power. Wow, I didn’t know we could derive all that from those sentences above. Secondly, the fact that Guillen is actually right here, “respect” aside. Do you know how many times the American government (and others too, I assume) tried to kill Castro over the years, mainly during the 1960’s? There is no exact number, but it’s safe to say it was a lot. There are rumors and reports of the CIA trying to poison his food, poison his cigars, and more comically, sneak in a type of poison that would make the hairs of his beard fall out so he would look ridiculous and his people would revolt against him (beards were an important part of Cuban culture at the time, and still might be—I don’t really know). The final try was when they actually put a bomb in a conch shell and left it on an area of the beach he was known to stroll on, hoping he would pick it up and it would explode in his face. When all that failed, the CIA had no choice but to hire the mafia, and they still couldn’t get the job done.

In other words? As my former history professor always says, “God doesn’t want him dead.” Sounds about right, anyway, because through assassination attempts and all manner of ailments in recent years, that “son of a [expletive]” as Guillen so eloquently noted above, is still alive and kicking! Regardless of your views, you have to admit, that’s irony!

Of course Guillen has since issued the run-of-the-mill apology and people have begun to protest outside the stadium demanding he be fired. Here we go again, another person speaking his mind and having to face the pitchforks and torches just because the opinion is not favored by the masses. You do not have to agree with what he said, but you have to admit that if you take a step back, this is just downright ridiculous and amusing. Another arrest by the P.C Police!

Politically Incorrect Rating: 6/10


One thought on “Politically Incorrect and Loving It (Vol. 2): Ozzie Guillen Comments on Fidel Castro

  1. Kurt Epps

    Guillen has proven that he is either remarkably stupid or completely ignorant. One of the quotes you omitted, by the way, was, “I love Castro.” If he is so dense as to fail to understand why he was even hired to coach this team which will play in Little Havana–a Cuban-American community composed of Cuban refugees and ex-pats that his bosses expect to fill the stadium–he’s either egregiously stupid or, more likely, he still thinks he can say anything he wants to no blowback. Now he’s trying to hide behind a supposed mixup caused by “thinking” in Spanish but speaking in English. And let’s not forget, the proscription against free speech only applies to the government. It does not apply to a private employer. Not that the marlins should be held blameless, either. they knew full well they were hiring a loose cannon, and that may have been part of their decision. I suspect this issue is not over, and won’t be until he is fired. Here’s a perspective with which I concur. http://seattletimes.nwsource.com/html/larrystone/2017951412_stone11.html

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