The Copperhead Chronicles: Current List of Crew-Members

While I admit that it is odd for the database on Turner Classic Movies to have a page for Copperhead before IMDB, nevertheless it is still a good sign that the wheels are in motion, and provides us with even more details pertaining to the crew than we have ever had. As for the actual cast, it is still a mystery, but I spoke to Ron Maxwell this morning, and he said he was leaving for location today, so hopefully we will learn more very shortly. We are also working something out that has to do with my role in blogging about the film, and hopefully I can let you all know about it very soon as well. So, without further adieu, here is the current list of crew-members for Copperhead, aside from the one we all know about:

Associate Producer: Stephen Fielding (Stevie)

Co-Producer: John Houston (Fly Away Home)

Music Direction: David Franco (Gettysburg, Gods and Generals, Into the Wild)

First Assistant Director: Jason Shipley (Outlander)

Costumes: Kate Rose (The Pilot’s Wife, My Little Eye, Just Buried)

Production Designer: Bill Fleming (Jesse Stone: Thin Ice)

Casting: Rene Haynes (Into the West, New Moon, Twilight Saga: Eclipse)

Line Producer: Gilles Belanger (Poor Boy’s Game)

Casting Agency: Filmworks- Halifax (Amelia, Jesse Stone, Outlander, Titanic)


For more information, check out the page devoted to the film on this blog by clicking here.

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