The Copperhead Chronicles: Filming to Begin May 16; Read the Book for Free

Greetings to all of you on this beautiful Sunday afternoon! We are now one month away from filming, as an announcement was made on the Copperhead Facebook Page for extras casting that principal photography will begin on May 16th. By all accounts, the extras casting sessions went extremely well, and I wish everyone who auditioned the best of luck as selections will most likely be underway very soon. There is also something else posted on the group, and that is a link to a free online-hosted copy of the novel (in various forms such as plain text, PDF, and even a download for your Kindle) which the film will be based on, The Copperhead, by Harold Frederic (1893). While I will most likely not bring myself to sit and stare at a computer screen for the enormous amount of time it would take to read the book, it is definitely something that is worth scanning through, to get a general idea of the plot and storyline. Hard copies of re-prints are available on sites like Amazon, but be warned, these are scanned copies of originals, not literal reprints. This means that any deficiencies in whatever book that was scanned, such as tears or stains, will be present in the copy you purchase. Not that it would matter if you really want to read it, but it is a heads up. I will most certainly have to go down that route as original copies are extremely rare.

Click here to read The Copperhead. For more information, check out the page devoted to the film on this blog by clicking here.

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