Civil War: Coming to a Meme Near You

Who would have thought something so simple as a funny or awkward picture being placed under a couple of captions would have caused such a sensation? They are called “memes” for those of you hiding under the proverbial internet rock, and whether you know it or not, you have probably all seen one in some way, shape, or form. So I thought of trying to tie a meme in to history and the Civil War, and sure enough, when we want to make fun of someone who fought in the War Between the States, Union General George B. McClellan quickly comes to mind. You can file these under “Maniacal McClellan” if you do a search for these on QuickMeme, and if you want to, can add to the album with your own creativity. The first of these two will be there, while the third is only on my account because it does not share the same title. Enjoy!

Only the truest of Civil War buffs will understand or find these funny (unless they are too stupid; I’m amused, though) so that makes it a limited audience, but I really do not care. As serious as I take the war, one has to have fun with it every now and again.


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