2012 NHL Playoffs: Round Three Predictions

We’re getting closer to the Stanley Cup, and my, what thrilling match-ups we have waiting for us to watch! The first, which is going to be the series of the playoffs, which will eclipse the ruggedly intense first round bout between the Pittsburgh Penguins and Philadelphia Flyers, is between the New York Rangers and New Jersey Devils. I have already given my full series preview here, so all I will say now is how nervous we all are at this undertaking. I work at a school full of Devils’ fans—the students and teachers included in this—which also plays host to the Devils’ sponsored hockey league I coach in. I told a teacher last week, who had earlier assured me that her gut instinct was a Rangers-Devils Eastern Conference Finals match-up, “This is going to be war. I’ll be wearing my Ranger jersey every time I come in this place during the series.” Rest assured, though, there are still plenty of Rangers’ fans there, so either way, the result will bring forth plenty of gloating and an endless amount of jabs.

In the Western Conference we have another highly anticipated series, between the Phoenix Coyotes and Los Angeles Kings. I will be rooting for the Coyotes, mainly because my good friend Chris Hoeler, who has contributed articles to this blog in the past, has them as a second favorite hockey team, after living out in Arizona for a while. His favorite team is the Rangers, so how funny would it be if both those teams made the finals? Below are my picks, with my total percentage of correctness below that. Nothing to write home about [as usual], but I suppose I have had much worse numbers in years past!

Eastern Conference Finals

New York Rangers (1) vs. New Jersey Devils (6): Rangers in 6

Western Conference Finals

Phoenix Coyotes (3) vs. Los Angeles Kings (8): Kings in 7

Greg’s Playoff Predictions: 5/12 (42%)

Previous Picks:

First Round

Second Round


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