A Classless & Childish Message from the Devils and the Prudential Center

Fans of the New Jersey Devils never cease to amaze with ways they come up with to attack the New York Rangers and their fans, by means of wearing little pins and t-shirts with the official Ranger logos on them and the words “Rangers Suck” placed on the crest instead, and other shirts from years past featuring the Statue of Liberty all donned up in black and red with a slogan that went something along the lines of “This is Where Her Loyalty Really Lies.” While I was always amused at the pins, because you had to get within a foot of the fan wearing it to actually see the replaced words, thus making these people the only fans in the history of the sport to place the logo of their most hated rival on their actual apparel. The reason for this has always been an inferiority complex to New York, and a little bit to Philadelphia in the south. The Devils have won three Stanley Cups since 1995, a commendable achievement, and that has left their minuscule fan base unable to wrap their heads around why no one actually cares about their hockey team—a team with that amount of success should be selling out every night. I have long thought that their fans care more about attacking the Rangers and rooting against them than rooting for and cheering on their own team.

While the Rangers and their fans most certainly hate the Devils, we do not spend our time not facing them speaking their name and toiling over how they are playing, such as when Devils’ fans chant “Ranger suck!” at every single home game, in intervals. Nothing has ever been more infuriating to the feeble Devils’ fan mind than when the Rangers come to town, and the Prudential Center has a good deal of Blueshirts in attendance, usually in numbers of 30-40%. During the first round playoff series in 07/08, the loyal following repeated itself, and as the Rangers celebrated on The Rock’s ice, chants of “Let’s Go Rangers” drowned them out, leaving color commentator Chico Resch to express his disgust. So what are the Devils going to do about this? Well, they have launched a little ploy to keep Ranger fans from attending, one of the most childish announcements to ever come from a professional sports franchise. The link to the page on their website has since gone inactive, but luckily, we have what it said. If you are a Devils’ season ticket holder or fan who has purchased playoff tickets, you are instructed to do the following (none of which includes actually using your ticket(s) to attend the game!):

Through exclusive pre-sales, the majority of the seats at The Rock for all Devils home games this series, are in the hands of Devils fans. However, seats remain on the secondary market for purchase and to ensure the we “Protect Home Ice” below are some ways in which you as Devils fans can ensure the Rock is PACKED in RED:

1) If you own seats and have to sell for any of the home games because of conflicts, do NOT list your seats on the secondary market. Blogs such as Fire and Ice, In Lou We Trust, and HFBoards provide you with outlets to speak directly with other Devils fans who are looking for seats. This will ensure you are selling ONLY to other Devils fans. You can ask for pictures or meet them to deliver tickets, to ensure where their loyalty lies.

2) If you are unsure about conversing on Devils blogs to sell your tickets, you can call the Devils Fan Experience Team line at 855-DEV-ARMY, and as a service they will help you sell your seats you can’t use, to other Devils fans.

3) If you do not own seats already, visit secondary market ticket sales websites including Ticket Exchange to purchase your tickets immediately. Thousands of seats still remain for both Rangers home games at The Garden. Therefore, there is a window right NOW, for Devils fans to swallow up all the remaining tickets for the upcoming Devils home games at the Rock. Seize that opportunity now while it is still available.

No, this is not a joke, or a satire created by Down Goes Brown, but an actual announcement coming from an NHL franchise. Have you ever seen such desperation? Have you ever seen such an unintentional admittance that their team is nothing but a Mickey Mouse Organization, as Wayne Gretzky so deemed them in the 1980’s? Rather than be happy that tickets are going to be sold at high prices, to help sell out an arena that never fills up for any Devils game, for a team that is in bankruptcy, they are basically hoping that as a last resort, should you have tickets (prices starting at about $225…the “cheap” seats) and are unable to use them, that you will rip them up and throw them in the garbage, rather than flip them to a Rangers fan and get your money back. Have you ever seen such moxie? To tell a fan what they can or cannot do with something they paid for? Utterly ridiculous!

This is not a matter of Rangers vs. Devils, it is a matter of setting a precedent, that fans of a certain team are not welcome in a certain arena. Of course, you never want to see another team’s fans in your home building, and there is usually the general ribbing and some verbal disagreements, but this is basically sanctioning the fact that Ranger fans are officially not welcome, which could set the stage for a bit more than verbal disagreements. No fans go to a game with the intention to hurt someone, but after a few beers and some incitement, it always happens. This is not a cute little ploy, but something with serious implications, and something that will fall flat on its face. If anything wanted to make Ranger fans come to these game even more, this was it. Any Ranger fan with some money lying around for a rainy day that was not sure if he or she wanted to take the trip to Newark for a game is now busy scouring the internet for tickets. Demand a picture of them before you sell? What is this, a dating service? To quote Mike Emrick, “My goodness!” And good riddance!

It truly is a shame. The Devils are such a fantastic team on the ice and have nothing but idiots running their tickets and marketing office. For every intelligent fan they have, one who would sell their tickets, if need be, to the highest bidder regardless of their loyalty, there is another one that crawled out of a Newark gutter and thinks a scheme like this will actually go over well.


9 thoughts on “A Classless & Childish Message from the Devils and the Prudential Center

  1. mat

    you are the biggest idiot ever
    every team has their asshole fans.
    but you can’t just call us un classly. we are, more classly then you pricks.

  2. Arthur

    Have you conveniently forgotten the chants the Rangers fans chant at MSG???? PoTvin
    Sucks and so on and so forth. Al’s the Devils new drew because they have played in the dump called Continental Airines Arena, now that we finally have a rink to call our own, the fan base and support has been much much better.

  3. David Zohn

    Matt, I shouldn’t dignify that mess of misspellings and grammar faults, but I shall. You just tried defending your “classiness” by calling the author of this article the “biggest idiot ever” and a “prick”. Good going there, big man. The Rangers organization is all class and has treated other fans with respect. I can’t speak for other fans but I can for myself and the organization. The Devils organization, by trying to make this a campaign, have put themselves in a bad light. By the way, this is how you use a comma the proper way.

    Potvin sucks chant are pretty stupid but the Devils stole the chant and made it “Rangers suck”. So now two wrongs make a right? And what is with the spelling mistakes, gentleman? Really makes your arguments look a lot worse. Prudential is a beautiful arena but no one shows up, there are barely any new fans and the location makes it easier for Ranger fans to get to it.

  4. joe peds

    The author claims to be a sports writer and a historian. Apparently he can’t do both… When the Pens played the Caps a couple of years back, the same thing was done. So when he asks, “have you ever seen such desperation?” he makes it perfectly clear he hasn’t done his homework. Kovalchuk > Gaborik, Parise > Callahan, and Marty > Hank. Get real, go Devils.

    1. From a lifelong Rangers’ fan who respects the Devils and despised the Islanders during their heyday: Perhaps you’re right about Kovalchuk and Parise (and won’t Devils’ fans be angry at him when he signs with the Wild as a free agent this summer!), and Brodeur is probably the best goalie ever, but Rangers’ defense is double >Devils’ defense and that will be the difference in this series. And Kreider > Henrique.

  5. David Zohn

    Joe, Can you get me proof of when the Caps and Pens did this? Because I can’t find anything.
    Really, Your organization is admitting you have no fans and are afraid of the Rangers fans. The Devils organization have fueled the Rangers fans. It was a very dumb move. No offense to the players, just the organization.
    Joe, keep throwing insults with no proof, it’s great.

    1. joe peds


      Apparently, the Steelers and Broncos did this as well. I can show you how to use google if you’d like to read about that as well. So David, please remove your foot from your mouth and try to find another passive aggressive way to make yourself look foolish.

      For what its worth, I’m not even a Devils fan – I’m a Bruins fan but rooting for NJ now that my team has been knocked out. I just despise all of the bandwaggon Ranger fans… And it appears their writers aren’t much better.

  6. David Zohn

    Okay, I’ll give you other teams did it, but that doesn’t make it smart or classy It’s still a childish and idiotic thing the Devils organization did. Look at where the Caps went with doing this (I won’t compare other leagues and their teams in this, this is the NHL, I could not care less about what the NFL does). It’s not a smart business decision to try and keep other fans out of your arena. The Ranger fans would give them more revenue, but that’s not what it’s about, right? All about the spirit of the game and fearing other teams fans.

  7. Vinny Street Devils

    Right or wrong its a decision that the Devils management is going to have to live with. Its a business first and foremost and with the financial troubles..well who knows what they are thinking. They are constantly giving potential season ticket holders tours and have corporate tours and maybe seeing a river of another teams jerseys could be too much of a turnoff. But being this is America, they can do whatever they want to within the law and since no laws have been broken just Ranger fans egos, well then that’s their right.
    The question with their finances and fan base are really baffling as they do much to build their fan base through youth based hockey programs and their alumni do give much time back.
    The Rock is a great place to see a game, tickets are ready available and the Devils work with a plan that you can afford if you choose to. Personally, with all the games that I have gone to since its opening, I have not seen or read anything about any incidents related because its in “Newark”. There is ample parking around and just as much Police presence to match. Three Stanley Cups are impressive in that time. There were no 80’s Mets or Yankees 70’s like teams so it makes you wonder if the demographics researched at the time were accurate or if they just went with the”if you build it they will come” approach. Either way thanks for visiting this subject and bringing it to the blog. If anyone doesn’t like its content or was offended..well too fucking bad..piss off somewhere else…America freedom of speech…kudos Greg.

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