“Copperhead” Fan Poll #1: Whose Performance Are You Most Excited For?

It’s time for a poll to take the pulse of Copperhead Nation, so I shall ask you all a very simple question: which actor or actress appearing in the film are you most looking forward to seeing? Though I am a fan of Jason Patric, having seen him in The Lost Boys, The Beast, and The Alamo, I can actually picture him in his role as a stubborn and righteous farmer caught up in the turmoil of the Civil War. I do not know why, but it just fits him well—though I do not know the intricacies of the plot, I can see him quite clearly performing as he is expected. Therefore, it is actually Angus Macfadyen, and not the New York-born Patric, who I really am eager to catch a glimpse of, whether it be a behind-the-scenes picture, or a little bit down the road, in the trailer and eventual film. Macfadyen is probably the most recognized actor in the cast, because, quite frankly, who hasn’t seen Braveheart? “Every man dies, but not every man really lives,” and you surely have not lived until you have seen that film, which includes his exquisite performance as Robert the Bruce. I shall save my full characterization of both he and Patric for a later time, but for now, I just have to say that I cannot get his depiction of the Scottish Noble out of my mind, perhaps because it is the only film I have seen him in. The highly talented actor of Scottish descent has to work through a lot on his plate to become an 1860’s Upstate New Yorker, but I think he can get the job done…don’t you? So there, long story short, that is my reason.

With so many well-known actors from other markets besides Hollywood and America, I suppose there will be a great variety to the selections in the poll. Lucy Boynton and Agustus Prew are British and Francois Arnaud is French-Canadian. I sure hope the dialect coach loads up on coffee before training this international ensemble! Now that my preface is over, it’s time for a vote! Also, please feel free to leave a comment below as to why you chose who you did.

And of course, please visit the special page we have dedicated on the blog for this film, and always remember to check it out for the latest Copperhead information!


4 thoughts on ““Copperhead” Fan Poll #1: Whose Performance Are You Most Excited For?

  1. I too think of his wonderful Robert the Bruce. “You have bled with Wallace. Now bleed me with me!” I’m looking forward to seeing everyone in the film though. I have no doubt they will all give riveting performances!

  2. muffinthemule

    As soon as I heard the wonderfully charismatic Francois Arnaud was involved in this project I was hooked (he’s a revelation as Cesare Borgia IMO) and no doubt I am not the only one. He’s actually French Canadian & will surely have no trouble nailing the Southern accent. I hope they flesh out the character of Warner Pitts for him as he doesn’t feature much in the novella I note. An interview with Mr Arnaud would be fab!

  3. muffinthemule

    I have been following this project ever since I heard the wonderfully charismatic Francois Arnaud was involved (his performance as Cesare Borgia is nothing short of a revelation IMO). I hope they flesh out the character of Warner Pitts for him though – he does not seem to feature much in the original novella. I Doubt Mr Arnaud will have any problems nailing the necessary accent (by the way he is actually French Canadian). An interview with the lovely man himself would be fab 😉 Also thin Augustus Prew is splendid (loved his Alfonso of Naples).

  4. Matthew Hodge

    The funny thing was that the last time I saw Angus MacFadyen was in Saw III (arguably the worst of the Saw franchise). It will be nice to see him get a really good role.

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