“Copperhead” Press Release: Actor Josh Cruddas in a Supporting Role

Here is the latest press release, regarding Canadian actor Josh Cruddas, who has landed a very important role in Copperhead:


Canadian Actor Josh Cruddas Lands Supporting Role in American film, Copperhead, Starring Jason Patric and Angus MacFadyen.

Halifax actor Josh Cruddas has landed a supporting role in Ron Maxwell’s Civil War film, Copperhead, currently filming in King’s Landing, New Brunswick.

A story of the violent passions and burning feuds that set ablaze the homefront during the Civil War, Copperhead is an examination of the price of dissent, the place of the individual amidst the hysteria of wartime, and the awful cost of war—a cost measured not in dollars but in fractured families, broken loves, and men dead before their time.

For those who have read the book by Harold Frederic which the film is based upon, you will be interested to know that Cruddas plays Jimmy, who is the book’s narrator – we see the story through his eyes and embark on Copperhead’s journey with him.

Cruddas, also an award-winning film score composer and singer, has worked as an actor with Atlantic Canadian regional theatres such as Neptune Theatre (Oliver, The Sound of Music), and Halifax Theatre for Young People (The Gravesavers). He has also played principal roles on television productions including HBO Canada’s Call Me Fitz and Discovery Channel’s Titanic: The Aftermath. A resident of Halifax, Nova Scotia, he trained at Dalhousie University’s Acting Programme.

Copperhead, directed by the man behind Gettysburg and Gods And Generals, is expected to be released in 2013.

You can visit his IMDB page by clicking here.

And of course, please visit the special page we have dedicated on the blog for this film, and always remember to check it out for the latest Copperhead information!

2 thoughts on ““Copperhead” Press Release: Actor Josh Cruddas in a Supporting Role

  1. Kate

    I met him on set yesterday and have to say that I was very impressed. He was very friendly and proffesional. Both He and Augustus Prew came over to introduce themselves, even though my son and I were simple background performers (extras). Having never been an background performer before, I didn’t know what to expect, but I was pleasantly surprised at how proffesional, friendly and supportive this crew is. I really can’t wait to see the movie now.

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