History Channel’s “Serial Killer Earth”: More Mindless Nonsense

Thanks to the History Channel, we now know that hurricanes do, in fact, cause damage to houses.

Ah, the latest from our friends at the History Channel and family! While I can happily report that this new show has nothing to do with aliens, bigfoot, Mayans, or doomsday destruction, it also most certainly has nothing to do with history. Shocker there! Titled Serial Killer Earth, this installment does not give us insight into some of the most infamous serial killers to walk the earth, such as Jack the Ripper or Son of Sam (the list is endless), providing endless fascinating shows on the psychological aspects of murder, instead it chooses to focus on how the earth is actually a serial killer in itself, with different natural disasters such as hurricanes, tornadoes, and floods killing thousands of people year after year. I fully admit, I was extremely disappointed when I watched the commercial after reading the title somewhere else and was expecting something interesting, but alas, I should know better…shouldn’t I?

The footage of destruction present here has been recycled over and over and over again, some of which seems to be the from the 1990’s, based on the cars getting washed away by flood waters. How much are you willing to bet that the same footage was probably used by the Weather Channel or Discovery in years past? It’s nothing that you haven’t seen before. Serial Killer Earth does do one thing differently, though, and that is the insertion of experts in between video clips to explain what is going on. Yes, explain. Clearly the viewing audience is so stupid they cannot wrap their minds around simple destruction, that they need to be told its the fierce winds and surging waters causing that house over there to be ripped apart like a cardboard toy. I thought it was sorcery. Yet another insult from the supposed educational network.

This is yet another instance of a non-history related reality show making its way onto this now flimsy network already loaded with brainless, mind-numbing garbage. I suppose when you are done seeing Swamp People blasting alligator heads open with shot guns, you can then stay tuned for this show to watch people die and run for their lives on ten-year-old camcorder footage. Maybe some wishful thinking, like sending some gale force winds over to those armed and toothless hicks and give them a taste of their own medicine.

The programming is getting worse and worse and never ceases to amaze. There are two reasons for this: 1) The shows are extremely cheap to produce. They don’t even need to send a camera crew anywhere. Just prop the experts up in the studio like Madame Tussaud’s wax figures and make them say something that sounds right, and overlay public domain video footage over them while they’re talking. 2) The show requires no concentration on behalf of the viewers. We are a country of attention deficit disorders, whether they have been diagnosed or not. We do not seem to have the mental capacity to handle anything longer than an hour or anything that requires thinking or deduction. Instead of watching a documentary explaining why Adolf Hitler chose to invade the Soviet Union, we now have, “Wow! Look at all those cows getting sucked up by that twister!” Heck, the History Channel is so bad now that they even kicked Ancient Aliens over to H2, the real history network of the pair!


Now that I’m done with this little tirade, I suppose you’re all wondering what I think of their upcoming special Hatfields and McCoys. Well, this “Great American Legend” as they advertise, which was actually filmed in Romania, you know, to capture that Great American landscape, has me shaking in my boots. I really do not know what to expect. I cannot watch it with a critical eye for accuracy, because I honestly know nothing about the feud, so I am expecting any readers with knowledge to let me know what they think. Somehow, I just know they will mess up in glorious fashion. I also heard there are going to be some Civil War scenes in it…I’m scared.


2 thoughts on “History Channel’s “Serial Killer Earth”: More Mindless Nonsense

  1. Seen some of the Civil War scenes. Actually looks pretty accurate uniform wise. I believe this is History’s last chance to redeem itself. If it succeeds, then they have found a new way to tell actual history. If it fails, then the channel is doomed.

  2. It will be interesting to see how they develop the Hatfield & McCoy story. A few years back I was at a lecture that touched on the feud from a sociological perspective. It would be good to hear a simple chronological story to learn what happened. The Romania thing does not bother me as much since every other program seems to be filmed in Canada, eastern Europe or Ireland. This relates to cost. I think most of have simple interests – get the story right, get the look right and get the setting realistic for the story. Basically, help us to actually learn some history that most of us know little about.

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