5 comments on “Lincoln, Washington, Zombies, Vampires, and Cannibals, Oh My!

  1. Me and the wife will probably rent this from Redbox tonight. Looking forward to it, hahahaha. It’s made by a well-known film studio and distributor called The Asylum, who are known for producing low-budget epics, or “mockbusters”. I have already seen several of their movies like Snakes on a Train, Mega Shark Versus Giant Octopus, Mega Python vs. Gatoroid, Mega Shark Versus Crocosaurus, etc, and they are so much fun. HILARIOUSLY bad. I saw one that had Debbie Gibson and Tiffany in it (you are too young to remember them, Greg) and that one was soooo funny. Now The Asylum have decided to tackle History, should be interesting! Who said History can’t be fun! Hahahahaha.

    (My film review will follow, i know you can’t wait😉 )

    • Oh and Greg, i have one problem with this recent post. Not wanting to start the whole discussion again (if that’s what one can call it, as it was really one-sided as you refused to comment), i just wanted to point out that no matter what you think, people’s interest WILL be sparked and was PROVEN to have been sparked by ‘Gettysburg’ and WILL be sparked by future shows like these. Always.

  2. Greg,

    You echo my sentiments as an actor exactly when you wrote: “If you are going to mess with history, do it in a light that cannot be taken seriously; do not mask it in the form of a documentary or feature film and insult our intelligence.”

    I took the role of Abraham Lincoln in the silly zombie movie you mention above precisely because I love him and I love history. Even though we have endless fun in American pop culture playing with Lincoln’s image and persona, he was a great man, he saved our country and he deserves our respect. I figured if I could play him as the Lincoln of history, even given the preposterous premise, and impart a bit of his character and inner life onto the screen, it would be my small way of honoring him.

    I also suspected that (and this is as disturbing as it is true) many of today’s kids only encounter history through the media. I hoped that perhaps they might be intrigued enough by an accurate portrayal of the man and his character to investigate him as a real person. It’s a far cry from the Classics Illustrated comics which made history and literature cool for my generation to Abraham Lincoln Vs. Zombies, but here we are. I enjoyed your post. “Copperhead” looks incredible and historically substantive, by the way. Congratulations on your fine work promoting it. I just read the article in The Hollywood Reporter.

    Please forgive the length of my post. I rarely get the chance to step out my “scary guy” persona and to speak this way.

    very best to you,


    Bill Oberst Jr.
    Los Angeles

    • Thanks for the comment and taking the time to write. I just sent you an email (got the address off your website) and was hoping we could talk more, maybe an interview. Please let me know.


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