R.I.P Richard Dawson

This afternoon I was very upset to learn of the passing of actor and TV show host Richard Dawson. I was actually a big fan of his growing up, as I used to be really into game shows and got hooked on GSN re-runs of Family Feud and Match Game at a very young age (he also had a small role in one of my favorites The Longest Day). I was so into those shows, that I wrote Richard a letter when I was about 12 years old, telling him how much I enjoyed watching him, and asking for an autograph. A few months later, an envelope arrived from California, and inside of it was a signed 8 x 10 picture, with the inscription, “To Greg, Love and Peace, Richard Dawson.” Though I have not seen an episode of either show in a long time, I never forgot that gesture and displayed that picture proudly on the wall in my room for many years. My thoughts and prayers are with Mr. Dawson and his family. The world has lost a great actor, and an even better person today.

R.I.P Richard Dawson (1932-2012)

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  1. Gettysbuff says:

    “This is television, that’s all it is. It has nothing to do with people, it’s to do with ratings! For fifty years, we’ve told them what to eat, what to drink, what to wear…for Christ’s sake, Ben, don’t you understand? Americans love television. They wean their kids on it. Listen. They love game shows, they love wrestling, they love sports and violence. So what do we do? We give ’em what they want! We’re number one, Ben, that’s all that counts, believe me. I’ve been in the business for thirty years.”

    Richard Dawson in a memorable performance as Damon Killian in “The Running Man”, 1987.

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