Classic TV Show “In Search Of…” Finally Getting DVD Release

Don’t be alarmed: Nimoy’s mustache is the ONLY thing wrong with this wonderful series.

Well, this just made my day! As I wrote about two years ago when I first started this blog, I was a big fan of the 1970’s Leonard Nimoy-hosted show (with initial pilots hosted by Rod Serling before his unfortunate death) titled In Search Of…, where, in each episode, he tackled various mysteries and enigmas of our world, ranging from science fiction and the paranormal with the Loch Ness Monster, Bigfoot, ghosts and hauntings, to even more historical topics such as the strange deaths of famous people, like John F. Kennedy, Amelia Earhart, and Marilyn Monroe. The list of fantastic shows produced and topics examined between 1976 and 1982 is endless, and nothing that I watched ever seemed to disappoint. When I was little, I remember the re-runs airing on late Friday afternoons in the 1990’s and early 2000’s on the History Channel and A & E, and then one day, inexplicably, they vanished from all scheduling, never to be seen again, except on Youtube, where you can view many different clips now. Numerous people, including myself, have sent emails to different networks and companies asking for a DVD set of some kind to be released because the interest seemed to be there. However, I had lost hope a long time ago, and stopped checking their IMDB page for any new information, where there are scammers regularly offering to sell complete sets at exorbitant prices. Then, this morning, I just happened to take a look, and lo and behold, it appears that In Search Of… is finally getting that release we have all been waiting for.

According to the website TVShowsonDVD, Visual Entertainment Inc. has the rights to the show and is planning to have the complete set out by the end of the year on DVD:

…One of these is for USA and Canadian DVD sets of the legendary ’70s show starring Leonard Nimoy, In Search Of…, which he took up following his roles on the original Star Trek as “Spock,” his addition to Mission: Impossible as “Paris,” and his return to playing “Spock” on Star Trek: The Animated Series. Nimoy narrated the program through 146 episodes which examined the scientific, the supernatural, the historical, and the mythical. Topics included “Ancient Aviators,” “The Bermuda Triangle,” “Bigfoot,” “Killer Bees,” “Martians,” “Nazi Plunder,” “Amelia Earhart,” “Dracula,” “UFOs,” “Inca Treasures” and “The Magic of Stonehenge”…and those are just examples from the first season out of six! VEI informed me today that they have licensed the North American rights to the complete series of the program, with the only issue being that a pair of episodes have not been fully cleared from a legal standpoint for home video release. One of these episodes is “In Search of… Lee Harvey Oswald,” concerning the assassination of U.S. President John F. Kennedy: the famous Zapruder film of the actual shooting would require separate clearance, which VEI is going to look into but – as the deal for the show itself has just been completed! – cannot guarantee yet that they’ll be able to affordably do. Time will tell. VEI hopes to have the title out before this year is over, but it’s too early to set a solid timeline on it, of course. Even if we have to wait until next year, it’s GREAT to know that this highly-wanted program is finally on its way to home video. Want to get even MORE excited about this item? VEI is in talks with Leonard Nimoy to participate in bonus material for the DVDs, which hopefully would include “recent updates” to the topics of each installment, considering that knowledge would have grown in the past 4 decades for much of this. We’re VERY excited over here, and we know you are, too! It may be quite a while before we have any, but stay tuned for updates as further developments occur.

This bit of news was from February and there have not been any developments since, which is not really surprising given the mammoth undertaking that must unfold here. Digitally restoring nearly 150 episodes, recording updates with Nimoy, and even getting involved legally over the rights to a couple of episodes (which ironically includes one on the JFK assassination…coincidence?) will probably bring this product’s release date into 2013. Still, it would be nice to see it out by Christmas of this year—the earlier the better!—but whenever it comes out, I will be at the store the day of to purchase this show and bring back my childhood (and heck, not just for that, but because this show still holds up today due to it’s amazing production value). Many people may not be so captivated by reruns of 30-year-old shows, but these definitely do the trick. Information-wise, they may be dated, but for entertainment, you can’t beat Nimoy’s rich voice talking about some of the greatest mysteries in world history. This was a groundbreaking series to the say the least, the precursor to later shows like History’s Mysteries (a series that ran from 1998-2006, which I consider its modern remake due to the topics covered; Nimoy even hosted a few episodes early on) and the more ridiculous still on the air like Decoded, Ancient Aliens, and Destination: Truth. Let’s hope everything goes over smoothly here—you won’t be disappointed!

One thought on “Classic TV Show “In Search Of…” Finally Getting DVD Release

  1. Tom Irvine

    I have a friend that saw a 3 hr movie of In Search of, at a drive in in Mo. We have watched a few
    shows and he says the one he saw was different. We were told it must of been a summary, and we
    can not find one of those. He said Rod Sterling started narrating the show and Lenord Nemoy finished.
    He can’t remember the name of this show. If you would have any insite on this it would be appreciated.
    Thank You, Tom Irvine

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