Musical Monday: John Addison’s Score for “A Bridge Too Far”

Wanting to kick off the week with something triumphant, how about we venture on over to a film score, written by John Addison for the World War II epic A Bridge Too Far (my review of which can be found here), which depicted the failed allied invasion of Holland, known as Operation Market Garden. No other soundtrack for a war film ever shone through with such militaria like this one has. It has everything you could want, with some old-time fife and drums present, as well as some jazzy interludes that bring in the era of big bands in America with plenty of brass. It has a catchy main theme that can get stuck in your head for an entire day, and prove to not be such a bad thing. For me, one essential item for a war movie is the soundtrack, with the exception of Saving Private Ryan, which offered none. This one ranks very high on my list.

The other reason why I chose this is because on Wednesday I will be teaching my last WWII elective class that I have been involved with for the last twelve weeks at a nearby middle school. It truly was a great experience, and I think the kids enjoyed it (and I hope they learned something, well, many things). They will be putting their knowledge to the test in this last class with a jeopardy game that will wrap up our year. Between that and the Civil War class I taught earlier, in the fall, it left me with a great impression on the career I want, even with the bad days that are thrown into the mix. Anyway, without further adieu, here is the soundtrack suite for A Bridge Too Far by John Addison. Enjoy and let yourself be invigorated on this Monday morning!


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