Gettysburg Trip Day One; Some “Copperhead” Links

Well, we’re back at the hotel after a fantastic first day in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. I have been here at all different times of year, but this may have been the best weather I have ever experienced. There were overcast skies with temperatures in the low 60’s—it was almost chilly outside. For June, there really were not that many tourists walking around the battlefield, which is great when trying to take pictures. I admit, I did not snap as many as I normally do, because there are not that many places on the battlefield that I have not photographed before. However, I did finally find the Lutheran Seminary, where Union General John Buford spotted John Reynolds and his reinforcements after fighting opened up on the first day against Harry Heth’s Confederates. How it took me this long it is beyond me. I guess I have passed it multiple times and just never turned in for a better look. There was some extensive renovation going on there, as well as to the Pennsylvania Monument near the Angle (presumably sandblasting). It was also great seeing so many children’s’ groups and scout troops touring the battlefield, as they are the future of Civil War interest. However, would it kill them and their leaders/counselors to show some respect, as in not jumping from rock to rock in Devil’s Den, or breaking out blankets for a picnic right on top of those same boulders? Not to be picky here, but there is just something about that which bothers me.

With legs still sore from a hockey game on Saturday, I also took it upon myself to climb Little Round Top on the actual mountain, and not the paved path. Even in shorts and a t-shirt I was pretty tired—I could not fathom doing that in normal July heat with fifty pounds of equipment on my back…oh, and a thousand guys with guns trying to kill me. At night, we went to dinner at Montezuma’s, which I still maintain is the best Mexican food I have ever had. The chicken fajita nachos, for both price and quality, were outstanding. This is a restaurant that you will not really see advertised anywhere, but they get a nice crowd. It’s a little hole in the wall and a hidden gem. Tomorrow night, we may try Sweeney’s Tavern at the Farnsworth House, but we are not sure what we’ll be in the mood for after taking a little day trip to Antietam that afternoon.

The nightlife in Gettysburg is really nothing to write home about (unless you count trotting around Wal-Mart), but this is nothing new. One would think the stores and gift shops would stay open past 9 p.m, something I distinctly remember during earlier visits in the summer. I was able to pick up a few souvenirs for some friends, and the prices seemed to drop with the more stores you visit. Here’s a recommendation: when you first arrive in town, visit the mammoth gift shop in the Civil War wax museum to figure out what you want, then take a short trip down Steinwehr Avenue to actually buy it. The stores all sell the same items, give or take, so always browse around a few places before buying something.

As for Copperhead, there has been a little lull in the coverage over the last week, so here are a few links  for you to check out:

  • Bill Kauffman adapts a classic novella for director Ron Maxwell’s “Copperhead”, on Movie Vine
  • The official production blog for Copperhead is now up and running on the official website, titled the “Copperhead Courier”
  • Peter Fonda’s role as Avery is going to be a cameo appearance
  • Angus Macfadyen is pretty good at Foosball. Just ask Josh Cruddas. 🙂

For all the latest news, updates, pictures, and historical essays regarding the movie Copperhead, please click here to be directed to the special page we have set up on this blog for it. Also, make sure to check out their official website!

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Wes Mijares says:

    I never knew there was a wax museum in Gettysburg. How is it? Also, since Copperhead had a major casting change, are they still going to finish shooting by the end of the month? Just wondering. There behind the scenes videos they have made have been really interesting; particularly the last one with all of the locals in period costume.

    1. I was there the first time I visited Gettysburg, back in 2001. It was pretty interesting from what I remember; one of those “see it once” attractions.

      No idea about Copperhead. As far as I know, they are on schedule and could even be ready for a late 2012 release.

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