Announcement: Will Be Blogging About “Copperhead” on Their Official Website

When I returned to my hotel room after a day in the blistering heat here in Lancaster County, I received an email with a formal invite to join the crew of Copperhead’s official website, namely the blog they have set up, titled, “The Copperhead Courier”. This was in the works for the last few weeks, I just could not say anything about it, but it looks like everything has now been finalized. They are currently setting up my account so I should be good to go within the next couple of days. I am very excited to be taking part in this, and I invite you to all visit the film’s official website and click on the blog link.

My coverage on this blog will not end, as I still hope to post some snippets and re-directs so that those who have been coming here do not miss out on anything. I would like to thank all of those who have given this blog their readership and who have been in contact with me over these last few months for helping to grow exposure of this wonderful film project that now has less than a week of shooting left. For now, please check out their newest production video, and of course, stay tuned for the latest!

Starring Billy Campbell and Angus Macfadyen, with a supporting cast of Peter Fonda, Francois Arnaud, and Lucy Boynton, COPPERHEAD is a story of the American Civil War at home—this timeless tale of the effects of war on the home front, written by Bill Kauffman, is brought to life through the vision of the veteran director of Civil War epics GETTYSBURG (1993) and GODS AND GENERALS (2003), Ron Maxwell, along with Director of Photography Kees Van Oostrum, Production Designer Bill Flemmings and Canadian Co-Producer John Houston. COPPERHEAD is currently still in production at Kings Landing, the Historical Settlement in New Brunswick, Canada.

For all the latest news, updates, pictures, and historical essays regarding the movie Copperhead, please click here to be directed to the special page we have set up on this blog for it. Also, make sure to check out their official website!

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